Love Island’s Coco Lodge claims ‘sexist’ boys in villa said she was a ‘4 out of 10’ in unaired moment

Love Island 's Coco Lodge has slammed the 'sexist' boys in the villa, claiming that they rated her a 4 out of 10 for her looks in an unaired moment on the show.

Coco, 27, was dumped from the villa on Friday last week alongside Josh Le Grove, after it was up to the public to vote for their least favourite boy and least favourite girl.

Coco's time in the villa wasn't smooth sailing, after she entered the show during Casa Amor and swiftly hooked up with Andrew Le Page, 27, before he iced her when Tasha Ghouri, 23, came back from her time in a different villa.

Now, Coco has claimed on the Murad Merali podcast that the guys were unfavourably discussing her looks, calling her a "four out of 10", in comments heard by her fellow Islander, Summer Botwe.

Coco fought back tears as she said: "There were comments made when the filming wasn't on about that I'm a 'four out of 10' by some of the boys.

"I don't know who said it, Summer [Botwe] heard it."

Murad asked: "From the OG boys?"

Fighting back tears, Coco said: "Yeah. Like 'you're a 4 out of 10, Paige is a 12'. I don't really know.

"These comments were made and I had a really hard time in there as it was and I was crying a lot for the first few days."

She also spoke about her actual reaction when Andrew turned cold on her after getting close to her and kissing her for days prior to Tasha's return to the villa.

She said: "When he pied me off I was really upset, I was genuinely crying and hyperventilating out the front with one of the producers.

“I broke one of the fairy light lightbulbs outside of the villa because I was so upset I accidentally kicked it.

"Like, I was genuinely so emotional in there. I was in the beach hut hyperventilating, hyperventilating."

Things got dramatic between Tasha and Andrew after Coco revealed that he "licked her t*t" as they got steamy under the covers.

It looked like things were over between Tasha and Andrew, however they soon kissed and made up and Tasha asked Andrew to officially be her boyfriend in a grand gesture that included leaving him love notes around the villa.

The couple have even vowed to move in together after the show ends, with Andrew saying that he was looking to relocate to London.

Andrew said to her: “I did not think I’d come to Love Island, find a girlfriend and be in love with her.” The couple’s plans outside of the villa then become the topic of conversation, as Andrew suggests: “I’d love to get a place with you, for sure.”

Tasha, 23, responds: “People say it’s a big step but for me it feels natural to do it, it doesn’t feel like a big step because we’ve been in here together 24/7. If anything, I will hate it if we aren’t together.”


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