Love Island star Dani worries fans as she appears on GMB without Jack

Love Island couple Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham might have only just won the show but fans were left fearing for their romance this morning when Dani appeared on Good Morning Britain alone.

The 21-year-old joined hosts Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh for a chat by herself and this prompted Kate to ask where her fella was.


‘Why isn’t Jack here now? People will be tuning in thinking, “what has gone wrong?”’ the host said, prompting Dani to admit: ‘I don’t know why we’re not together. I think he is on the show tomorrow. I think he is bed, he is a little bit tired this morning.’

The lovebirds were boogying at the Love Island reunion party last night, after all.

However, the fact that Dani and Jack, 26, would be appearing separately on the programme left some fans pretty worried.

‘No Jack with Dani on #gmb Trouble in paradise??’ one Twitter user said, whilst another wrote: ‘Where is Jack??’

And one added: ‘Why have they got Dani Dyer on today and Jack on tomorrow on #gmb ? Why are they being kept separate when they’ve just won the show? Suspicious…’

Meanwhile another admirer posted: ‘Really baffled why they are on separate days ! Love @danidyerxx and @jack_charlesf . We want to see them TOGETHER’

Others were quick to argue that there’s nothing to fret about though and pointed out that the couple are perfectly entitled to do things by themselves.

‘Why are people already trying to say @Dani_MasDyer and @jack_charlesf have broken up because she made a SOLO appearance this morning – Jesus have a day off,’ one Twitter user stated.

Another agreed: ‘There not joined at the hip they can do things on there own without people jumping to conclusions about there relationship status’

It comes after Dani’s famous dad Danny Dyer revealed that he doesn’t think his daughter and her new boyfriend should become a ‘double act’.

‘There are going to be some very exciting projects coming up for her,’ the actor told The Mirror. ‘They have to live their own lives, I don’t think they should come out as a double act.

‘They are a double act, but it hasn’t lasted too well for previous contestants to go, “Oh let’s be a double act”. They haven’t lasted four months, have they?’

But despite this, Dani made it clear this morning that she’s as smitten as ever with Jack.

The reality star posted a snap of them kissing and wrote: ‘My everything and more♥️ @jack_charlesf ♥️’


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