Lorraine Kelly’s takes a swipe at Harry’s new book .

Prince Harry says Diana would be ‘heartbroken’ about William row

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The popular daytime presenter was seemingly fed up with all the coverage surrounding the release of the book and posted sarcastically to her 502K followers that the troubled Prince had ‘kept it quiet.’

She wrote: “Apparently Prince Harry has a book out – who knew? He’s obviously kept that quiet!

Anyway, a copy has just been delivered – although I feel I already know the gist #prince harry #spare

Followers flocked to her page to comment on the tweet.

One wrote: Not watched the interview. Don’t intend reading the book. Why is he doing this? Thought they wanted privacy.

Another posted: It’s a shame the NHS doesn’t get the level of publicity Harry does. The press should channel their headlines towards something that really does affect us all!

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While a third posted: “He has certainly gone down in my estimation. Thought they wanted to stay out of the limelight.

He’s not telling everyone how much money he is getting from this and that’s what it’s all about for them MONEY.”

However, not everyone was happy with Lorraine’s post.

One fan wrote a lengthy post defending the prince

She wrote: “Lorraine Kelly, that is very sarcastic.”

“It comes over on your programme when you talk to the so-called Royal experts about Harry that you don’t like him.”

Another fan also defended the Prince and gave his verdict on the situation: “He and Meghan have been treated appallingly by his family!”


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Another fan also defended the Prince and gave his verdict on the situation: “He and Meghan have been treated appallingly by his family!”

The sarcastic post comes after celebrity Sharon Osbourne host warned that both Harry and Meghan may be booed when they return to the UK.

Speaking on Talk TV the former X Factor presenter told Piers Morgan said: “You know what, honestly, if he comes to this country in the next few months, I think he will be booed. I honestly do.”

Piers seemed to agree and claimed Prince Harry and Meghan “were booed last time” they were in the UK, to which Sharon says they were “a little bit”.

In early September, days before Queen Elizabeth’s death, both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in Manchester to attend the One Young World summit to support youth leaders.


The media at the time reported that despite the overall warm reception the couple received.

However, some people booed the royal couple as they arrived at the scene.


one onlooker told the Daily Mail at the time that “there was no doubt they would have heard” the noise as they entered the summit building.


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