Lewis Hamilton throws his dog incredible birthday party with hats, balloons and personalised cake

Lewis Hamilton threw his beloved bulldog Roscoe an amazing birthday party fit for a human, as the Formula One driver celebrated his pup's 11th birthday.

The champion race car star went all-out for the shindig, and made sure there were hundreds of decorations and treats so he could take snaps of the momentous occasion.

As well as providing party hats for Roscoe and himself to wear, Lewis also set up a party room filled with helium balloons and birthday paraphernalia.

The sportsman even ordered a personalised vegan cake for the adorable pooch, who is vegan himself.

Lewis, 38, then dressed up Roscoe in his birthday finery, which included a colourful purple feather boa around his neck, and a funky crown on his head.

The icing on the cake then saw Lewis share a snap of his pet bulldog surrounded by a bunch of other canine friends.

There were dogs of all different breeds, both pedigree and otherwise, and all were sat patiently waiting to tuck into Roscoe's vegan cake with party hats on.

A number of the other pups also wore feather boas too.

As he shared the epic snap on Roscoe's personal Instagram page, proud fur dad Lewis captioned it: "One time for the birthday boy'sss."

Roscoe, who earns £530 per day from his dog modelling jobs, is Lewis's "best friend" and the race car driver "loves to treat him", according to a source.

The insider told MailOnline that Roscoe "has been with Lewis through thick and thin".

"He takes him everywhere with him and loves to show Roscoe that he is hugely appreciated, it might sound odd to some but to Lewis it is just how it is," the source went on.

Lewis's pet dog also regularly travels with him to race weekends, and the pair fly on a private jet together.

Fans will remember how Lewis also shared a similar birthday post to celebrate Roscoe, who was bought in 2013 to be a companion for the Formula One star's now-late dog Coco, turning 10 last year.

While the bulldog didn't have all his furry friends round for a party last time, Lewis, who had his dog's sperm frozen a few years ago, still made sure to spoil the adorable pup and gave him another cake to make the occasion.

"We've been through so much together, feels like we've grown up together," Lewis gushed over Roscoe. "Can't tell you how many nights he's kept me up with his snoring.

"But he's still my best friend and such a blessing in my life. Roscoe, Dads loves you," the star added.

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