Let Tina Datta teach you how to flaunt them sleeves — view pics

Tina’s tryst with sleeves

Tina Datta is always up for risque outfits. If any celeb has amped their Instagram game, it is Tina Datta. The actress has been sharing a lot of pictures and videos on her social media handle in the choicest of outfits and has been dishing out fashion goals for all the girls out there. She recently shared some goofy pictures in bell sleeves kaftan styled Kurti. The sleeves are so huge that Tina Datta had to dedicate the photoshoot to them sleeves. Teehee. And we took the liberty to translate the kind of postures for y’all.


Let Tina Datta teach you how to flaunt them sleeves — view pics

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Too much dhoop

Pretend that you are exposed to too much sunlight. Agree?


Act as if you are doing a classical dance and this is a sitting posture with a mudra.

Maa Kasam

When your younger sister/brother asks whether you sneakily stole their chocolate and you pretend to swear on yourself.


When your younger sister/brother starts throwing tantrums because you stole their last chocolate.

Enter mom

When your younger sibling involves mom in your fight and now you have to lie. Swear on your sibling, it would be alright. Teehee.

Tease much

When the brat within you cannot control so you tease your sibling by acting as though you have chocolate in your hand and you are about to eat it.


When you think it’s enough and you call your sibling for the chocolate piece you stored for him/her. So, here’s the end result, what do you have to say about this? Let us know by tweeting @bollywood_life.

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