LeBron James Hits Back at Critics as ‘Space Jam 2’ Leads the Box Office

Space Jam: A New Legacy‘s leading man LeBron James and director Malcolm D Lee have reacted to the negativity surrounding the film as the box office numbers for its opening weekend have come in.

Reviews for the movie haven’t been great – Digital Spy suggested that you’re better off watching the first film again and that the tonally inconsistent cameos make it feel more like a commercial – but the film has done very well.

Deadline reports that the sequel set the new record for a box office opening weekend for a family film since the pandemic began, making $31.65 million across its first three days in the US.

In response to the movie’s success, LeBron tweeted Deadline‘s article and wrote “Hi Haters!” while Malcolm said: “Many thanks to the fans!!! We made this for you and reward us with your presence. Thanks for coming back to the movies!”

The publication also reports that Warner Bros spent over $15 million on advertising via TV spots, but box office returns aren’t the full story.

As well as on the big screen, the movie is also available in the US on HBO Max, so the studio will be looking at how many new subscribers it brings in too.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is out now in theaters and is also available to watch on HBO Max in the US.

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