Las Vegas Sex Worker Offering Free 'Romp' Session To NFL Draft's #1 Pick

A sex worker in Nevada tells TMZ Sports she’s so grateful for the revenue that the NFL Draft has brought her this month … she wants to give Thursday’s #1 overall pick a free “sex romp.”

Roxanne Price — a 27-year-old licensed sex worker — tells us that Las Vegas escorts have taken a hit during the COVID pandemic … but with the NFL draft coming to town this week, big money is finally starting to come back to the industry.

And, Price wants to thank the NFL for it all … specifically by giving the draft’s #1 overall pick this week top-notch service at the Chicken Ranch Brothel just outside of Las Vegas — 100% free!

“The least I can do is offer the top draft pick the most valuable thing I possess, my premium erotic services at no charge,” Price tells us. “It’s my way of saying, ‘Thank you’ to the athletes that inspire us all.”

Roxanne — the 2017 Lover of the Year winner — tells us her offer comes with a complimentary limo service and a promise to “cater to his fantasies.”

And, if the #1 pick doesn’t have time this weekend, Roxanne tells us he can schedule it for a future date.

FYI … according to most mock drafts, the Jaguars will likely pick either Georgia pass rusher Travon Walker or Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson with the top pick.

So, what happens after the draft in Vegas … stays in Vegas??

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