Kylie Jenner’s Bathroom Had Twitter In An Uproar. Here’s Why

Kylie Jenner is not only wildly famous (*glances at the more than 210 million people following her on Instagram as of writing*) she’s also ridiculously rich. Thanks to her various lucrative income streams – which include TV deals, makeup and skincare ventures and sponsorships — she brings in more money in one day than many people make in a year (or years for that matter). That’s why she can easily afford things like her expensive wardrobe, valuable accessories, costly customized cars, rides on private jets and her super-pricey Holmby Hills home.

In April 2020, Kylie spent $36.5 million on the massive residence, which spans a staggeringly spacious 15,350 square feet and offers seven bedrooms as well as 14 bathrooms, according to E! News. Sitting on “nearly an acre” of land, per the Los Angeles Times, the “single-story home” with a “fortress-like façade” features “living spaces,” “[l]ounges, bars … game rooms” and two apartments where visitors can stay. There’s also “a guesthouse, a basketball court and a chic outdoor space with a pool, fire pit and projection screen,” as well as “roughly 5,000 square feet of covered patio space.”

The fact that the home is so impressive in so many ways is why Twitter erupted in an uproar when they got a glimpse at something in the star’s bathroom.

Kylie Jenner's shower is shocking for one weird reason

Kylie Jenner isn’t shy about showing off how she lives in her stunning home. That’s just what she did in January 2021 when she gave her Instagram followers a look at her bathroom (well, one of her 14 bathrooms) and her enviable “pink marble shower” which “looked pristine,” according to Elle. However, the outlet also noted something else: “the water pressure on the showerhead appeared to be less than ideal.” Frankly, the showerhead itself was rather simple — honestly, we’d expect her to have a high-tech, luxurious, and stylish showerhead — but the water coming out of it did seem to be more of a soggy stream than a wondrous waterfall.

Obviously, people on Twitter were confused and amused. “Kylie Jenner lives so stress free, that even her water doesn’t feel any pressure,” one person tweeted. Someone else wrote, “The fact that I have water pressure that’s superior to Kylie Jenner will live in my head RENT FREE forever.”

Hello! Canada fully asked, “What’s up with the water pressure, Kylie?” However, it turns out that one social media user might have had a valid answer. “Not standing up for Kylie [because I don’t know] her but I set my water pressure to be [really] light [because] it’s beneficial for hair and your skin…” Considering Kylie banks so much on looking good, perhaps she has indeed sacrificed having hardcore water pressure in order to keep her hair and skin in tip-top condition.

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