Kyle Richards Is Doing Airport Pickups For Morgan Wade Now?! Oh COME ON!!

For those still unsure if Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade are really a thing, here’s yet another blinking red sign for you…

On Wednesday, the 54-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was spotted waiting in her black Range Rover to pick up the country singer at the Los Angeles International Airport. What?! Yep, Morgan could reportedly be seen hanging out at baggage claim and looking for her suitcase before making her way out of the terminal to where Kyle’s car was parked outside.

After finding the reality star, she quickly got into the front passenger seat and began talking with her. About what – who knows! But they must have a lot to chat about after the RHOBH trailer dropped earlier this week and showed some juicy details about their friendship (???)! See the pictures from the airport (below):

Now, we know friends pick each other up from the airport all the time. It’s not an unusual thing to see. But given the romance rumors swirling around them, we cannot help but think this is more evidence that their relationship is more than platonic!

For those who don’t live in El Lay, airport pickups are even more annoying there than most places — so if gurl is willing to make the haul to LAX herself, that’s love, 100%. Maybe it’s just deep love between friends… but we have our suspicions otherwise. And heck, when you add that to the fact these two have been spotted hanging out at some of the most romantic places on earth, just looking all cozy together. Oh, and Morgan got a freakin’ tattoo of Kyle’s initials! Either this is a relationship, or they’re trying really, really hard to make us think it is. And you know what? It’s working!

Even though Mauricio Umansky swears they are “not throwing in the towel” despite their separation, it’s hard not to believe that something more has been going on between them, as their relationship progressed to airport pickups and tattoo tributes to each other. We mean, maybe besties do tattoos after growing up together — but Morgan got Kyle’s initials tattooed on her after only knowing each other for more than a year! That screams couple vibes to us! But these two have insisted they are nothing more than pals. Hmm…

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