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Today’s episode starts with Prachi’s cousin fighting as Prachi always tops in the exam. So Bijee pulls her leg by saying that they need to look for younger sister for her. Pragya recollects about her twin daughter Rhea. So she goes inside giving the reason of making some food hot again. Prachi pacifies her cousin sister. In the next scene, Bijee plays a Ludo alone and enjoys it. Prachi brings a glass of milk with turmeric for Pragya as she was coughing last night. But Pragya denies taking it but Prachi insists her to have it as she cares for her mother. Pragya remembers day when she also had insisted her mother to take the milk with turmeric for her cough. So she drinks it. They all adore their bonding with each other. Abhi makes Rhea sleep. But Prachi sleeps on her own before Pragya comes to see her. Pragya opens the window of the room so that the natural air will come for ventilation. But Abhi closes the window of Rhea’s room as he is over conscious for her health due to mosquitoes. Both of them look at the Moon and miss the daughter which they don’t have with them. They want to see the other twin daughter once. Bijee consoles her. When Bijee goes to Prachi’s room. She finds that Prachi is awaken. Prachi expresses her concern for Pragya as she knows that Pragya keeps on recollecting her past and get upset. She questions Bijee for her father as Pragya has not told her anything about Abhi. Bijee makes her understand that Pragya will let her know at the correct time and makes her sleep.

In the morning, Pragya and Bijee make preparations for the Mango Pickle. Prachi comes there. While she is about to taste it, her friend comes there. She is very happy as she informs them all that Prachi has got scholarship in Delhi in top most college. Prachi is very happy with that. But the news makes Pragya very upset. She questions Prachi for not taking her permission for the same as she doesn’t want Prachi to go to Delhi. She denies sending Prachi to Delhi. Prachi gets very hurt with such reaction of Pragya. Later Pragya is very much upset with the thought of the same issue as she recollects that she had told Abhi that she will not come back to Delhi ever. She cries a lot. Prachi is very matured so she assures Pragya that she will not go to Delhi.

Next day while Pragya gets ready to go for the NGO, Prachi makes Tiffin for her. By that time the goon who tortures Prachi comes there saying that he wants to get married to her. Pragya gets shattered to hear that. The guy keeps on talking rubbish. Pragya confirms whether Prachi knows him. But Prachi denies it. So she also confirms whether Prachi wants to get married to him. But she learns that Prachi is not interested to get married. Prachi reveals that he is pursuing her from few days and irritates her. So Pragya gets angry. So she asks Prachi to face the situation on her own by giving perfect reply to the guy. Prachi gives him a tight slap. Pragya warns him not to torture Prachi else she will complain to his aunt who is the Trustee of her NGO or lodge a complaint in the police station. But he doesn’t listen to them. While he misbehaves with Bijee, Pragya folds his hand and asks him to apologize to Prachi. So he along with his friends apologize but he threatens them saying that it will cost them a lot. Prachi starts crying and hugs Pragya. Pragya asks her to face the problem and not to run from them. Bijee feels that Pragya is doing it wrong by not sending Prachi to Delhi. But Pragya avoids answering it. She goes in the kitchen and starts cooking. Bijee follows her. She questions Pragya about the reason of not sending Prachi to Delhi. She makes her understand that it has been 20 years and she should not spoil Prachi’s future because of her past. So she should let Prachi go to Delhi.

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PRECAP 19 Mar’19 Pragya wishes her daughter Prachi was about to meet her younger sister somehow and because of that she could meet her too. Abhi wishes his elder daughter is fine wherever she is and expresses desire to be able to meet her just once. Beeji asks Pragya why is she not sending Prachi to Delhi? Pragya says because her old memories are connected to Delhi. Beeji reminds her that it’s Abhi whom her memories are connected too. She tells Pragya not to punish Prachi for whatever happened in the past. #teamshabira Audio Video İn This Account: @kkbtshoww ! . . . #kumkumbhagya #ahkalbim #kkb #abhigya #tisha #shabirahluwalia #sritijha #vinrana #ruchisavarn #mishalraheja #shikhasingh #kumkumbhagya #ahkalbim #kkb #abhigya #tisha #shabirahluwalia #sritijha #vinrana #ruchisavarn #mishalraheja #shikhasingh #abhishekpremmehra #pragyamehra #rockstarabhi #chashmish #abhitherockstar #fuggi #ladymogambo

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