Kimberley Walsh Admits to Having ‘Perfect’ Labor After Birth of Third Child

Despite the ‘perfect’ process, the Girls Aloud singer reveals that doctors find antibodies in her blood which are ‘unusual’ and could lead to a blood transfusion for baby Nate.

AceShowbizKimberley Walsh is officially a third-time mother. In a new interview, the Girls Aloud singer opened up about having a “perfect” labor after giving birth to her third child with her husband Justin Scott.

The 39-year-old singer gave birth to a baby boy Nate on May 28 in the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in West London. When revealing to OK! magazine about her secret labor, the mother of three admitted, “Yeah, in a way it was the perfect labor. I have the most amazing birth video, which Justin made of me watching him come out.”

“It was an amazing experience,” she added. “I wouldn’t say Justin enjoyed it but he didn’t find this one too troublesome! Previously, there was always a drama, whereas this time I managed to push him out in three pushes because I focused everything into it.”

In the interview, Kimberley spilled on the drama when doctors found antibodies in her blood that were “unusual” to be seen so late in her pregnancy. Since the type of antibodies she had could cause anemia in the baby and could have resulted in a blood transfusion for her newborn son, the former “Popstars: The Rivals” contestant was induced 10 days earlier.

“I wasn’t due until 8 June but when I had a last set of blood tests at the end of May they found these antibodies that hadn’t been there the whole pregnancy,” Kimberley, who first opened up about her third pregnancy in December 2020, told the magazine. She continued, “They said it was unusual for them to show then, as usually they would treat them throughout the pregnancy.”

Of the worrying scene, the “Sound of the Underground” songstress said, “I was just hoping the antibodies hadn’t appeared long enough to affect him. They took some extra blood from my placenta and the cord to check, and thankfully he was very healthy.” Her tot was born healthy and weighed in at 7lb 4oz at the time of his birth.

Sharing how she came to naming her third child Nate, Kimberley gushed, “I’ve always liked the name.” On the reason why, she went on to say, “There was a Nate in Boyz II Men and I’ve known a few people in the industry with the name and it’s quite American-sounding, and so is Cole, so I felt like they went well together.”

“I’ve also watched a few American series recently with characters called Nate, like ‘How To Get Away With Murder‘, and the name felt right when I heard it,” Kimberley stated. In addition to baby Nate, she and her husband Justin are parents to 6-year-old Bobby and 4-year-old Cole.

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