Kim Kardashian Is Seeking Restraining Order After Fan Mails Her Diamond Ring And… Plan B?!?

This is a weird one, y’all!

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian recently received a package from a fan that contained a diamond engagement ring and Plan B! The gift was delivered last Thursday and was intercepted by the model’s security team, who believes the man who allegedly sent the package has showed up to the star’s house multiple times in the past! You can see photo proof of the glitzy engagement bling HERE!

Sources told the outlet the man in question first arrived to the momma of four’s house in February. He returned a few weeks ago with another failed attempt to pick the celeb up for dinner. He’s also been harassing the SKIMS founder by posting a self-made marriage certificate online! The creepy item reads “Queen Kimberly” is “sitting up in thy big castle alone waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor.”

What the hell??

Clearly the news of her divorce from Kanye West has brought a lot of single men out of the woodwork… Kim’s team plans to file a restraining order, so, suitors, we’d suggest stopping these stalkerish behaviors if you’re looking to link up with the billionaire!

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