Kim Kardashian Confirms What Fans Long Suspected About Daughter North

Kim Kardashian has a lot of jobs, but none is more important or challenging than being a mom to her four young children. Kardashian, who runs multiple businesses and is hard at work becoming a lawyer, doesn’t mind opening up on occasion about how her children have adapted to the spotlight – and who they tend to take after the most. In a recent interview, Kardashian talked about her oldest daughter, North West, confirming a long-held fan theory in the process. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have four children

Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their first child, North, in June 2013, just a few months prior to the couple’s big wedding ceremony. Two years later, in December 2015, Kardashian and West had a son named Saint.

Although Kardashian carried her first two children herself, a dangerous condition called placenta accreta made the couple turn to surrogacy for their third and fourth children: a daughter named Chicago, born in 2018 and a son named Psalm, born in 2019. Although Kardashian and West are now going through a divorce, they remain committed to their family and to co-parenting their four children.

Over the years, fans have gotten many glimpses of Kardashian’s four children through her social media accounts, as well as on the family’s reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kardashian seemingly loves showing off her adorable brood, and one child, in particular, seems to have embraced the spotlight, even posting her own videos and appearing in a number of Kardashian’s photo slideshows.

Kim Kardashian recently confirmed that North West is Kanye West’s ‘twin’

Fans have long marveled over the physical similarities between West and his oldest daughter, North. Fans on Reddit have posted side-by-side pictures of young West next to North, noting that the two share very similar smiles. One fan called out the likeness, writing “She’s his twin in looks and personality.”

Interestingly enough, Kardashian herself recently confirmed that her ex-husband and her oldest daughter are, in fact, exactly alike. As reported by Insider, Kardashian told journalist Bari Weiss that North is a “rule-breaker” on social media, saying “I mean, North West is Kanye West’s daughter. Forget that, she’s his twin. So she will definitely do all of the above. But in my household, there are rules.”

What else has Kim Kardashian said about her oldest daughter?

In the Weiss interview, Kardashian detailed a recent incident where North went live on TikTok, doing a house tour and surprising her mother by walking into her bedroom while on the live video. Kardashian was visibly distressed in the video and quickly told her daughter to end the live video. Kardashian told Weiss that her daughter felt bad after the incident, and has resolved not to do anything like that again. “She said, ‘I saw on TikTok that I got in trouble and I’m really sorry.’ And she got it,” Kardashian said to the journalist.

Later on, in the same interview, Kardashian talked about being intimidated by her daughter, admitting that the young girl has a strong personality—just like her famous father. This isn’t the first time that Kardashian has acknowledged North’s similarities to West, revealing in a 2019 interview that North has her father’s flair for the creative arts. Still, Kardashian embraces her daughter’s bold personality, even creating a joint TikTok account to share with the girl and appearing in a number of her TikTok videos. 

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