Khalid Not Here for AI-Generated Music, Despite Uptick in Songs

Khalid is not a fan of AI infiltrating the music world … and while he thinks the tech could be a helpful tool, he draws the line when it comes to mimicking artists.

The R&B hitmaker gave us his 2 cents on AI and the future of his industry, especially now that new AI-generated songs are popping up on the Internet almost daily.

Khalid says AI programming, in general, seems to be inevitable, but he made it clear he’s not necessarily hopping on that train. On one hand, he understands how AI software can be a beneficial tool, but he’s more concerned it could eliminate the need for human performers, like himself!

As you know, Drake has been experiencing this firsthand. You’ll recall, some AI-generated Drizzy tunes — meaning computer-produced vocals — went viral and sounded just like Champagne Papi IRL.

And, this happened shortly after an AI song featuring Drake and The Weeknd became an internet sensation … until Universal Music Group got it removed from music streamers.

AI-Generated Drake & Weeknd Song Goes Viral, Might be Marketing Ploy

AI-Generated Drake & Weeknd Song Goes Viral, Might be Marketing Ploy

Of course, Drake’s label and other big artists have made it clear they aren’t here for the humanless music, and Khalid agrees. He says he appreciates music as it is, and AI takes away the authenticity of artists.

In other words, it loses all its soul! Hard to argue with that, but also hard to stop technology from advancing.

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