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Today episode of Kawach Mahashivratri begins with The evil spirit possessing Sandhya. Angad tries his best to bring her back. The evil spirit has a hold on Sandhya’s soul and she takes a knife to kill herself. Angad tries to stop her but she slits her throat. Thankfully it revealed to be Angad’s daydream. Sandhya gets worried. She asks him if everything is okay but he rudely asks her to leave her alone. Usha calls Sandhya and asks her to come home as Akhil is not well, she agrees. Angad feels bad after hurting Sandhya and decides to pen his thoughts on the paper. He feels the presence of an evil spirit who is trying it’s best to not let him write. He takes an idol of Shiva and writes the letter to Sandhya. It’s half an hour for Kapil to come back in Angad’s body. He comes to Mandir in the house and locks himself up. The evil spirit asks him to come out.

At Sandhya’s place, Akhil tries telling her the truth about the presence of an evil spirit. He tells him that Angad was in the same place when Ashutosh uncle was murdered. Sandhya hits back at Akhil who she thinks is accusing her husband of being a murderer. She leaves from there. Elsewhere, Angad thinks that the evil spirit has left the place. But evil spirit locks Malini in her bathroom. and possesses her. Angad takes vermillion in Mandir and using which he writes a message for Sandhya on a plate revealing about the letter written by him.

Kawach 2 30 June 2019 written update of full episode: Angad reveals to Sandhya that he is possessed by Kapil

Malini who is possessed by the evil spirit asks him to open the room in which Angad has locked himself up. It threatens to kill Malini if he doesn’t come out of the room. The spirit starts harming Malini who hits herself on a pillar Malini tries to commit suicide. Angad comes out to save his mother only to be possessed by Kapil again. Sandhya comes home and finds her mother-in-law, lying on the floor. She calls Angad but he doesn’t answer. Sandhya takes her to the hospital. She asks Lord Shiva what is happening to her family.

The whole family comes to the hospital and Sandhya tells them the story of how she found her lying on the floor. Sandhya fears if Angad is in danger but Jolly assures her. The doctor then reveals to them that Malini has inflicted all the wounds on herself. The doctor asks for Malini’s medical files. Sandhya says that she will get them. Elsewhere, Kapil tries to harm Angad. Nisha comes there to find Angad trying to commit suicide. He scares Nishi and she runs away. Kapil starts playing the mouth organ. Nisha is running helter-skelter, he chases Nisha and hits her with a vase. Nisha hides behind a curtain and Kapil, in Angad’s form calls her out. Sandhya reaches home. Kapil threatens to kill her if she reveals everything to anyone. Nisha dashes with Sandhya when she enters the home. Nisha leaves and Sandhya thinks she must be in a hurry. She starts looking for Malini’s medical file. Kapil follows her like a shadow. Sandhya recalls that all the medical files are in the storeroom. She reaches there but the lights in the storeroom are not working. She gets the file and leaves but not before remembering that she had dropped a picture which resembled Kapil. She comes back but doesn’t find the picture. Angad meets Sandhya comes to know about Malini getting hurt. Shobha calls Sandhya and tells her that Malini is out of danger which Kapil hears and is upset.

Kapil comes to the hospital and scares Angad’s family friends who are discussing the incident that happened years ago. Malini comes to and remembers all that happened with her. She creates a ruckus in the room and starts threatening everyone, saying that they need to get rid of her (the evil spirit). She asks all family members to back off and in that hassle, Sandhya gets hurt. the family members try calming her down, the doctor gives her a shot and she calms down. Malini’s husband asks the names of the people who did this with her. Malini says Kashti.Sandhya is shocked. Malini loses her voice because of Kapil. Sandhya tells her family about everything. Her family is shocked and they decide to ask Pandit.

Pooja tells Pratibha that Pandit’s phone cannot be reached. They are worried about Sandhya. Sandhya contemplates Angad’s behaviour. She prays to Lord Shiva to keep her and Angad safe. She barges into Dev who asks her about Angad. Elsewhere, Angad promised to kill Manoj next.

Will Sandhya ever get Angad’s message, stay tuned to find out.

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