Kawach 2 16 June 2019 Written Update: Sandhya saves Angad by reciting Shiv Chalisa; Nisha decides to separate them after being instigated by Bua | Bollywood Life

Kawach 2 sees Angad (Namik Paul) and Sandhya (Deepika Singh) leaving for Mumbai. The baba asks Sandhya if she knows the Shiv Chalisa by heart and she nods yes. He tells her to chant it whenever she feels something is weird as it drives away the evil forces. On the way back, Angad tells her about what happened to Ranjana as he did not want to see her tensed. Sandhya says she does not want to create troubles in his life and says let us not marry. A group of people are shown coming towards them with sticks. Sandhya tells Angad to drive as it is an illusion made by the spirit. Angad drives ahead. The spirit hurts his parents and their car hits a tree. Angad comes out to save them despite Sandhya’s warning. Kapil gets in Angad’s guise and resumes the journey with Sandhya. He drives her off to an isolated place.

Angad and Nisha start looking for Sandhya. Nisha is worried for Angad and it annoys him. Kapil hugs Sandhya in Angad’s form and reveals his true self. Sandhya is close to the lake where Kapil rescued her once. Angad comes there but is attacked by Kapil. He strangulates him. Sandhya starts reciting the Shiv Chalisa and Kapil lets go of Angad. He captures Sandhya saying she is his. Then, Sandhya’s family bring the Babas there who ward off Kapil and the daayan. They bury the spirits in a spot and seal it with a trishul.

Kawach 2 15 June 2019 Written Update of Full Episode: Sandhya comes to know about Kapil’s reality as Angad rescues her from a possessed state

The Baba tells them that till the trishul is in the ground no one can harm them. He tells them to get hitched the very next day itself. He says he will guard it till the marriage. Nisha starts behaving in a strange manner. Angad’s aunt tries to convince him to leave Sandhya as she is being haunted by a spirit. She tells him to marry his childhood friend, Nisha. He tells her that he will marry Sandhya and to talk respectfully about his future wife. Angad says Sandhya is his responsibility. He tells her to walk out if she is upset. Sandhya and her family walk in and are tensed. Sandhya tells him to leave her and chose family over love. She leaves the hall in tears. Angad follows her and says they have a long battle ahead but they will be together. He makes her sit on his lap and cheers her up.

His aunt sees this and so does Nisha. She tells Nisha that Sandhya is highly unsuitable for Angad and she deserves him. Nisha is already jealous and is further incensed. The haldi takes place next morning and Nisha is upset. She makes up her mind to separate the two.

Next week, we will see Nisha trying to remove the trishul from the spot.

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