Katya Jones vows ‘payback is coming’ after Strictly partner Adam Peaty’s post

Strictly’s Katya Jones breaks rehearsal rule for Adam Peaty

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Katya Jones, 32, playfully posted an Instagram story vowing “payback” on dance partner Adam Peaty last night. This came after the 26-year-old posted a photo of his Strictly Come Dancing 2021 partner seemingly taking a selfie, and failing.

I will not be overcome by your gossip

Adam Peaty

The intimate moment was shared during an Argentine Tango. 

Eiri told The Mirror that she took a break from social media as a result of the speculation over the pair’s relationship. 

She commented: “I have been receiving a lot of hate on the internet. People say a lot of horrible stuff.

“I’m trying to lay it to rest now as I’m tired. 

“I wanted to say thank you to everyone. It makes me a bit emotional. 

“Thanks to everyone that has been really nice to me. Because last week was a lot. 

“Even when it’s a thousand nice comments and one mean one, it’s so easy to feel like the world is against you and it did feel like that for a while.”

Last week, Eiri issued a light-hearted warning via TikTok, jokingly telling the Olympic swimmer, “if I see you with another girl I’ll kill her” – as she ran her thumb across her throat. 

She captioned the video with a joke exclaiming that she should take acting lessons. 

A source told The Sun that Adam is “beside himself” over the hate that Eiri has been receiving online. 

The insider stated: “He had no idea the impact being on the show would have on her and feels a responsibility as her partner.”

“The pair have been in training for long hours every day and Eiri had been incredibly supportive of this.  

“To see her being mocked by trolls has been incredibly difficult for him to stomach. 

“He wants to protect her,” the source added.

Adam previously warned the trolls causing trouble that their actions have consequences. 

This came after the near-kiss moment during the Tango. 

He said on Twitter: “I will not be overcome by your gossip.”

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