Katie Price ridicules ex Dane Bower’s penis on raucous night out

Katie Price has mocked ex-boyfriend Dane Bower's penis live on stage during a raucous night out.

The former glamour model savagely implied that he's not packing in the trouser department whilst judging a Porn Idol competition at G-A-Y on Thursday.

Checking out another bloke's todger, she told the audience, "Do you know the programme Naked Attraction? Right, listen, even they would turn him down for the state of that."

After insisting she was 'joking', she brought her ex into the picture, telling the crowd, "I was with Dane Bowers. Do you know what, it doesn't matter about the size."

Putting on a sexy voice, she continued, "It's the feeling. It's the feeling."

Katie and Dane dated for two and a half years after meeting at an after-party for the Wild Wild West London premiere in August 1999.

Back then Katie – or Jordan as she was – was a massive fan of Another Level, and was so desperate to bag her man that she made him wait a whole month to have sex.

"Dane was desperate to get me into bed," she wrote in her autobiography, Being Jordan.

"He would say, 'How much longer do you expect me to wait?' But I resisted. I wanted him to wait because of my job and my image."

But once they got going they couldn't stop, with Katie claiming they had a threesome with a female friend and made a sex tape.

However, they split in 2001 amid rumours of jealousies over his Out Of Your Mind duet with Victoria Beckham.

She fell pregnant with eldest son Harvey to footballer Dwight York soon after, but claimed she and Dane still hooked up, crudely telling an audience in 2016, "It's an old truth, Dane f***** me when I was six months pregnant with his f****** toe, big f****** deal. That was years ago."

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