Katherine Helmond: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Who’s The Boss?’ Actress Who Died At 89

So sad. ‘Who’s The Boss’ star Katherine Helmond has passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s disease at age 89. We’ve got five things to know the veteran Hollywood actress.

Hollywood has lost a beloved TV star with the passing of Katherine Helmond. She died on Feb. 23 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease, but the the sad news wasn’t announced until March 1 by her reps at the APA Agency. Her career spanned five decades, as she was known for her fiery red hair and killer comedic timing. That helped propel her to regular series roles on Who’s The Boss?, Everybody Loves Raymond, Coach and Soap. Katherine also appeared on the big screen, playing Goldie Hawn‘s wealthy mother in the iconic 1987 comedy Overboard. She also voiced the character of Lizzie in all three Cars films. Here are five things to know about Katherine.

1. Katherine’s career debut as an actress was in 1955.

When she was 26, Katherine appeared onstage for the first time in the Broadway revival of As You Like It. That same year she appeared in the film drama Wine of the Morning.

2. Katherine found acting success later in life.

After guest spots on such iconic TV shows as Gunsmoke, Barnaby Jones, The Bob Newheart Show and The Six Million Dollar Man, she got her big break as a lead actress in a series on ABC’s 1977 comedy Soap at the age of 48. She played family matriarch Jessica Tate on the hit show that ran through 1981.

3. Katherine’s most famous role was on the ABC sitcom Who’s The Boss?.

She played Mona Robinson, the mother of Judith Light‘s Angela Bower from 1984-1992.

4. Katherine was remembered fondly by her Who’s The Boss? cast mates.

Judith wrote in a statement on Katherine’s passing that “Katherine Helmond was a remarkable human being and an extraordinary artist; generous, gracious, charming and profoundly funny. She taught me so much about life and inspired me indelibly by watching her work. Katherine was a gift to our business and to the world, and will be deeply missed.” Tony Danza told our sister site  Deadline that “She was such an influence on me. From being a single guy with a hit show in Hollywood, though my marriage and having kids — she was with me. No matter what problem I had, I could go to her. Very few people could match her.”

5. Katherine married twice but had no children. 

In 1957 she married George N. Martin. They later divorce and she married second husband David Christian, in 1962. They remained together until her passing.


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