Kanye West's New Album Being Shopped Around, Big Labels Steer Clear

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Kanye West apparently has a forthcoming album with Ty Dolla $ign that’s all but ready to be released to the masses — the only holdup now is … who’s gonna help him drop it???

Billboard reports that Ye’s got new music on the horizon, including this joint collaboration between himself and TD$ — which will mark his first big release since his antisemitic saga last year … which put him on the outs with a lot of big-time Hollywood players.

Apparently, the aftermath of that is affecting KW’s ability to get this album distributed right now — but that’s not to say he doesn’t have options … Billboard says he does. According to the outlet, Ye is weighing 5 different offers from smaller/lesser-known distributors.

One of those offers came from a music publishing company called Too Lost — which launched just a couple years ago and which actually already holds the rights to Ye’s music on YouTube. Now, it sounds like they’re making a play to go all in on him for a straight-up album.

No word on who the other 4 offers are from, but Billboard says Kanye’s going to make a decision soon — and that the album should be released in the coming weeks … including on all the big streaming services he’d need help from to reach the biggest possible audience.

Speaking of that … Billboard says, citing sources, every major label is staying away from Ye right now — and a big part of that has to do with his anti-Jew rhetoric from 2022, which seems to be at the forefront of record execs’ minds considering Israel-Palestine right now.

They do note that his new album with Ty doesn’t touch on any antisemitism in the songs — at least based on what’s been heard so far — but he’s still far too polarizing to get behind.

Interestingly enough … Kanye himself doesn’t seem to be over talking about Jewish people — as he just recently filed for a trademark for the term “YEWS,” which he wants to slap on a multitude of products and services. Whether that’s the album name … anyone’s guess.

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In any case, get ready to hear Kanye in the booth again — dude’s gearing up for a release soon.

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