Just Some Dua Lipa Facts for You to Enjoy While Pretending to Pay Attention to Your Zoom Meeting

Hello, if you’re reading this, you’re already obsessed with living legend and VERY GOOD DANCER HOW DARE YOU, Dua Lipa—or as some call her, Dula Peep. But the time has come to get to know her on a deeper, nerdier level. Which is basically a complicated way of saying we’ve rounded up a bunch of need-to-know facts about Dua, the person who left Shakespeare simply shaking when she uttered the poetic musing, “If you’re under him, you ain’t gettin’ over him.” Let’s go:

She’s Covered in Meaningful Tattoos

Dua has a ton of teeny tats, but a couple stand out. That R and G on her wrist? A shoutout to her siblings, Rina and Gjin:


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And “Sunnyhill” on her arm? A tribute to the Kosovo neighborhood where her parents lived:


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She’s Dating Anwar Hadid

Okay, fine, you already knew that. But did you know they’ve been together since June 2019 and have been basically inseparable ever since? I meannnnnnnn:


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Honestly, enjoy these pics because Dua and Anwar are very private. As she told Vogue UK,

Dua and Anwar Share a Ton of Cute Pets

Including this puppy:


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And these goats:

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