Johnny Depp's Popularity Went DOWN Over Course Of Trial? Really?!

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is all any of us have been hearing about for months. From the long, live streamed days in court to the jaw-dropping confessions, everyone has an opinion — a LOT of whom are on Johnny’s side! After the jury came to a unanimous decision that Amber was guilty of defamation and ordered her to pay Johnny $10.35 million, it seemed like he was back on top!

However, a new survey suggests most folks are actually thinking less of the Pirates of the Caribbean star after the trial! In a recent Morning Consult poll, Depp’s favorability in particular was measured against the public.

The poll yielded shocking results, suggesting that Johnny’s popularity had actually gone DOWN since his big win — by a considerable amount! The 6 week trial gathered data from over 2 thousand Americans, each from different generational groups. The data broke down the percentages of his favorability from April when the trial started to June when a verdict was reached:

  • Gen Z only saw a drop of 2 points, going from 70% favorability down to 68%
  • Millennials had a slightly larger opinion drop, going from 78% to 72%
  • Gen X dropped 10 points, from 68% to 58%
  • Baby Boomers saw the most drastic decrease, their Johnny Depp favorability went down from 59% to 37%

He lost popularity in EVERY group! Among all generations, Americans’ favorability for the actor dropped from 68% to 56%. Wow!

Now we need a poll with Heard as the subject — did her popularity drop after the trial as well? Maybe she gained some along the way? Clearly this trial didn’t paint either of them in the best light…

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Although Johnny’s favorability has supposedly dropped, according to this survey anyway, he’s definitely on the upswing in his career!

TMZ reported that Dior has started to broadcast an old ad featuring the 59-year-old. The commercial — for a cologne called Sauvage, a product Depp has been the face of for years — was seemingly retired. But not anymore! It’s airing on primetime again — and could be seen during Wednesday’s episode of MasterChef!

And according to the Wall Street Journal, sales for the cologne are up, up, up! Despite the actor’s controversy, it would seem that brands are not afraid to support him publicly — and they’re getting rewarded for it with an increase in sales, too!

All that and execs speculating he could return to the Pirates franchise?? This doesn’t sound like someone who’s down in public opinion to us.

It would seem that even though Depp’s popularity has dropped in percentage, his career is far from over. We guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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