Johnny Depp looks unrecognisable as he tells NYC fans ‘I’m good’

Johnny Depp debuts clean-shaven look as he greets eager fans in NYC

The actor, who is best known for portraying pirate Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, ditched his moustache and beard as he continued on his tour with friend and award-winning musician Jeff Beck, who he became friends with back in 2016.

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Johnny Depp, 59, was all smiles as he greeted eager fans who waited for him outside of a theatre in NYC. The actor turned musician is currently on tour with Jeff Beck, 78.

The pair are releasing new music as well as playing numerous shows around the US following Johnny’s high-profile legal battle against ex-wife Amber Heard, 36.

Seeming in good spirits, Johnny looked completely different from his days in the courtroom, as he had shaved off his signature facial hair.

Clean-shaven, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor also wore a blue striped baker boy hat and large blue tinted sunglasses, which covered half of his face. If it wasn’t for his tattoos and group of security, some of Johnny’s diehard fans could be forgiven for not having recognised the actor at all.

Johnny Depp covered his eyes with blue monochrome glasses

Known for his quirky sense of style, Johnny didn’t disappoint, wearing a layered outfit, which included a white collared shirt, blue waistcoat and a black patterned coat over the top. Around his neck was a thin scarf and numerous necklaces. On his head, Johnny wore a large baker boy hat which was slightly tilted to one side and large sunglasses.

Johnny Depp told fans he was “good” whilst stopping to sign autographs

With a horde of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood actor, Johnny took the time to sign autographs and pose for photographs. In one video of the actor, Johnny can be heard saying: “I’m good, how are you?” to one fan who asked him the question.

Johnny Depp looks cool calm and collected as he holds a pen in his mouth

Managing to sign numerous autographs and please the fans who waited for him in NYC, Johnny was pictured holding a pen in his mouth, which at first glance looks like a cigarette. The actor continued to smile and speak to fans who thanked him for his time.

Fans throw underwear on stage as Johnny Depp wraps up opening night of his tour

Following the opening night of his tour with Jeff Beck on October 6, Johnny was seen in a video taken by someone in the crowd, picking up numerous items that had been thrown onto the stage. Looking slightly puzzled, Johnny held up a pink bra to the crowd before walking off stage.

Johnny Depp shows off his singing voice as his famous lawyer watches on

A video taken by someone in the crowd at a show in Washington DC, shows Johnny singing whilst playing guitar next to Jeff Bridges. Johnny’s lawyer Camille Vasquez, who worked for the star throughout his trial against Amber Heard, also attended the show.

Johnny Depp looked completely different during trial with ex-wife Amber Heard

The high-profile court case between Johnny and Amber ended at the end of May 2022. Pictured coming out of court with his legal team, Johnny sported thick facial hair and his shoulder length hair was slicked back into a small ponytail, miles away from his rockstar image.

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