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In the last episode of Jodha Akbar, we saw that Jalal announced his marriage with Atifa which created havoc in Agra. Today’s episode also starts with Subhedars of Bengal discussing about establishing their own Empire. Adham Khan executes the plan of Shariuddin to fuel the people in Agra to stand against Jalal for his decision of getting married to Atifa. Maan Singh and Ataga suggest Jalal to face the public and pacify them for his decision. But Jalal denies the same saying that he is an Emperor so he can make any decision. He instructs Ataga to disperse all the agitators gathered by blasting a bomb. Ataga and Maan Singh wonder about his behaviour towards his people but agree to execute Jalal’s orders. Jalal asks them to also begin preparations for his wedding with Atifa. Atifa meets him asking him not to behave like that as people will start hating them. But Jalal is so lost in love with Atifa that he doesn’t care for the people in Agra anymore. Haram starts making preparations for the wedding but no one does it willingly. Jalal’s Khaas begums Ruquiya, Jodha and Saleema are also very upset as Jalal’s wedding with Atifa is going to have a very bad impact on their lives as begums.

Even Jodha begum worries more as she is going to give birth to their twins. A lady who sells perfumes arrives in the Haram. All the servants gather around her. Ruquiya begum asks her to give some specific perfumes. Atifa intervenes asking the lady to give her some other perfume and rejects the one which was ordered by Ruquiya begum. Ruquiya begum gets angry with her. She questions Atifa for daring to reject her order. Atifa apologises saying that she wasn’t aware that it was Ruquiya begum’s order. Ruquiya begum threatens her by holding her roughly by the hair. Jalal sees Ruquiya begum threatening Atifa and gets furious. Ruquiya begum tries to explain to him that Atifa has come to ruin his Empire. But Jalal takes it in a wrong way and blames her for worrying more about her position in the Haram. Ruquiya begum is shocked by the accusation. Jalal also reminds her about her duties as a begum to him. By that time, Jodha begum comes there asking him not to insult Ruquiya begum in front of all. Jalal taunts her for going against his decisions. Jodha begum also admits that whenever there is something wrong, she has opposed it. Ruquiya begum wishes to see Jodha begum fighting for her respect. Jodha begum blames Jalal for treating his Khaas Begums like puppets. She also warns him to behave properly else threatens him of leaving Agra. Jalal expresses his willingness to give her Talaaq on the occasion of Eid.

By that time, Hameeda begum also arrives there. She intervenes asking Jalal to respect Jodha begum as she is going to be the mother of his kids. She scolds him for discussing his personal issues in front of all. She asks all of them to gather in her room for discussion. But Jalal shows his disinterest in having any discussion with her. He behaves very arrogantly and leaves. Hameeda begum feels very sad about Jodha begum. Jodha begum leaves from there. She is wondering about the issues between her and Jalal. Ruquiya begum comes to meet her. She makes Jodha begum understand the way Jalal is behaving with them as he plays with women and hurts his earlier begums. But Jodha begum has decided to leave Agra once Jalal gets married to Atifa. Ruquiya begum is very much upset with Jalal as he has forgotten her and also his Emperorship because of Atifa. She also expresses gratitude towards Jodha begum as she faught for Ruquiya begum’s respect.

Later in the night, people in Agra get to see Full moon so they start wishing each other on the occasion of Eid. Some of them blame Jalal for having some fire crackers celebration even though he is going to commit a big sin by marrying Atifa. Qazis also feel that it will be the last Eid in Agra in Jalal’s emperorship. On the other hand, Jalal sees some people with Atifa. She introduces them to Jalal saying that those are also with her from Kabul. They wish Jalal for the Moon night. Atifa shares that those people are only ones who are from her side for the wedding. Jalal asks her to bring those people to as witness from her side for the wedding. Meanwhile Hameeda begum is feeling very guilty as she distributes gifts for the holy festival of Eid to all even though there is havoc in Agra because of Jalal’s decision. In the next scene, Moti sees Jodha begum who looks very upset. But Jodha begum shares that she has decided to be strong for her kids and leave from Agra once Jalal gets married to Atifa. Moti is shocked to know her decision. Jodha begum feels that her babies will be safe in Amer only. Moti suggests Jodha begum to try talking to Jalal as it is Holy day of Eid which might change his decision. But Jodha begum doesn’t want to make her relation even worst with Jalal before she leaves from Agra.

By that time Maan Singh comes to meet Jodha begum. He shares about his helplessness while serving Jalal (Rajat Tokas). Jodha begum asks him to serve Jalal always as she knows that Jalal is not in a state of mind to understand things properly. She takes promise from Maan Singh for the same. Maan Singh also agrees to that. On the other hand, Maham Anga goes to meet Chand Begum threatening her of killing her on the occasion of Eid. But she gets tensed as she doesn’t find Chand begum there. She notices Adham coming to her room. She informs him that Chand Begum is missing. She fears if Chand begum meets Jalal and informs him about Maham who had kidnapped her. She asks Adham to check if Chand begum has been taken away from Nigar. Meanwhile Jalal instructs Ataga and Todarmal to make preparations for his grand wedding with Atifa and asks them not to invite Jodha begum for the same. While he is leaving from there, he notices Jodha begum there. She informs him that she will be leaving from Agra on the next day and goes to meet Hameeda begum. Jodha begum and Hameeda begum get very emotional as Jodha begum shares her decision of leaving Agra. Hameeda begum tries to stop her but Jodha begum is very much hurt with the current situation so asks for Hameeda begum’s permission to leave from Agra.

In the next scene, Javeda is crying as Jalal is going to give Tallaq to Jodha begum. Adham Khan comes there asking her to be happy as he will be the next Emperor of Agra after Jalal leaves his Emperorship post marrying Atifa. But Javeda says to him that the crown of Emperorship will not suit him. Adham gets angry with her and leaves from there. On the other hand, Jalal recollects the issues with Jodha begum. He goes towards her room. But before he enters into Jodha begum’s room, Atifa calls him. She shares about her excitement about their wedding. She also shares that she is not able to sleep because of the excitement and expresses her wish to sing some songs for him whole night. Jalal agrees for the same.

While Jalal is looking after the preparation for his wedding, Ataga comes there. He suggests Jalal not to get married to Atifa giving the reason of some Subhedars going against Jalal for his decision. But Jalal bursts with anger on Ataga and blames Ataga for being dishonest with him. Jalal disrespects Ataga asking him to leave his job. Ruquiya begum sees that. Jodha begum (Paridhi Sharma) gets ready to leave from Agra but prays to Lord Krishna for Jalal. While all gather for the wedding of Jalal and Atifa, Jalal asks all those who are against his wedding with Atifa. So some Qazis come forward denying to perform the rituals for the Nikaah. But Jalal plays smart by calling some other Qazis for the Nikaah. This makes all the people sitting in Deewan-a-Khaas shocked.

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