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In the last episode we saw that Saleem comes back to Agra but he is still angry with his parents Jalal and Jodha begum. He is still addicted to drugs as Ruquiya begum had given him in the childhood. Shaguni Bai predicts about the love life of Saleem. Today’s episode starts with Jalal ordering a servant to call everyone in Deewan-A-Khaas. Jodha begum gets scared as she feels that Jalal might scold Saleem for meeting her as Mairum-Uz-Zamani. But Jalal asks her not to worry. On the other hand, Saleem feels suffocating in the Mahal. Kutub makes him understand that he needs to forget the past. But Saleem is still living with the past only. He wants to go back to the same place where he was sent by Jalal. By that time he gets message that Jalal has called him Deewan-A-Khaas. After some time, everyone appears in Deewan-A-Khaas including Saleem. Jalal expresses that he is happy to see his son in Deewan-A-Khaas after a long time. Jalal takes decision to give the rein of different areas to Murad, Daniyal, his daughters, etc. Jalal announces to appoint Saleem as his advisor. But while Jalal is about to make Saleem wear the crown, Saleem stops him saying that he is not ready for such a big responsibility.

Everyone gets shocked to hear that. Hyder is happy to see that. Jalal gets angry with Saleem’s reply. He asks everyone to leave from there as he wants to talk to Saleem alone. He questions Saleem about him refusing the responsibility. But Saleem on the quantrary questions back Jalal for sending him away when he was 9 years old. Jalal gets angry. He calls the troops and asks them to arrest Saleem. Saleem fights back with all the troops with his sword. Jalal makes Saleem understand why he sent Saleem when he was 9 years old as he could become the best worrier. He also tells Saleem that he wants to make Saleem a best emperor. But Saleem still refuses to take up the responsibility as Jalal’s inheritant. While Saleem come out of Deewan-A-Khaas, Jodha tries to talk to him. But Saleem doesn’t pay attention to her. Jodha begum gets very tensed. She decides not to let Jalal and Saleem fight again. In the evening, Saleem goes to the same place where he was punished. He takes a sword kept there and starts practicing.

Ladies in Haram adore him. In the meantime, Nadira aka Anarkali is going somewhere in a bullockcart with her friend. Her friend asks Anarkali not to hate Saleem who is the dream of all young girls. But Anarkali still remembers the times when she was in problem because of Saleem. She hates him a lot. Meanwhile Jodha begum comes to meet Jalal. She questions him about making Saleem upset. She makes him understand that Saleem needs some time to handle the responsibilities. Jalal shares about his experience of being an emperor. So he also tells her that Saleem should take up his responsibilities at the right time after him. He also warns Jodha begum not to come in between him and Saleem. On the other hand, Hyder is planning to instigate Saleem even more against Jalal as he wants to take revenge from Jalal for his father Adham Khan’s death. He decides to support Saleem for the same. After some time, Jalal gets a message from Bhagwan Dass where they announce to appoint Maan Singh as the emperor of Amer. Jalal and Jodha begum congratulates Maan Singh. Jalal worries if Saleem agrees to come with them to Amer or not.

Jodha begum (Paridhi Sharma) assures him to pacify Saleem to come with them. She goes to meet Saleem. At the same time, Saleem is about to take drugs. Jodha begum makes him understand that his behaviour has hurt Jalal. Saleem hides the drug. He looks very restless. Jodha begum asks him to come with them to Amer for Maan Singh’s coronation. Saleem refuses to go with them. Jodha begum keeps on pacifying Saleem. But Saleem is hiding his restelessness due to drugs. He asks Jodha begum to leave from there calling her ‘Marium-Uz-Zamani’. Jodha begum gets very hurt and leaves from there. Ruquiya begum listens to their conversation from outside. She sees Saleem having drugs. Ruquiya begum also tastes the same as she is also addicted to those drugs. In the meantime, Jodha begum goes to Birbal. She seeks help from Birbal to keep Jalal and Saleem together. Birbal gives Jodha begum a solution where herself can make Jalal and Saleem reunite. On the other hand, Mehtab goes to meet Saleem. She is angry with Saleem. Mehtab and her little sister goes to pacify Saleem to come with them to Amer actually. So finally Saleem agrees to go to Amer.

Jodha begum and Birbal see how kids pacified Saleem to Amer. Birbal asks Jodha begum to handle further plan while they leave for Amer. All leave for the coronation of Maan Singh. In Amer, Emperor Bhagwan Das confirms the security measures with his troops. By that time emperor Udaysingh also arrives there for the coronation. Bhagwandas requests Udaysingh not to indulge in any issue when Jalal arrives there. After Saleem arrives in Amer. He feels very fresh there. On the other hand, Anarkali finds that she is not able to any of her work properly since morning. Her mother informs her that Jalal and Saleem are also coming for the coronation. Anarkali initially refuses to go for the event but her mother pacifies her eventually. In Amer, every princess was waiting for Saleem. Will Saleem meet Anarkali? Stay tuned for more updates.

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