Jewelry Store Employee OUTS Customer Who Bought Ring For His 'Sidepiece'

This viral TikTok video has been seen by thousands upon thousands of people. But it’s really just intended for two women: both of whom are dating the same guy!

An employee of Pandora in the Montreal area broke what we’re sure must be an unwritten code among jewelry store employees and totally OUTED an apparent cheater buying bling for the other woman!

The young woman, who goes by the TikTok handle @ferreiroroche, posted a video last week just to bust a guy named Jake who was buying jewelry there for both his girlfriend and his “sidepiece” — his words. The TikToker wrote:

“If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in mtl. he just bought two rings for his ‘girl and his sidepiece’”

Before showing the two rings up close. She didn’t say which was which, but if your man matches that description and you got either one of those roughly $50 rings recently, you need to rethink your significant other situation.

Or as she said in the video:

“You deserve better!”

Most of the thousands of commenters cheered the jewelry store clerk on, though a few did pity the clueless Quebecois Jakes whose GFs were seeing the post:

“montreal jakes getting questioned tonight

“Bad day to be living in mtl with a bf named Jake”

“The amount of customers I had doing this when I also worked at Pandora”

“This girl doing gods work”

Others just had to know more. One asked:

“Wait he told you who they were for?”

@ferreiroroche responded:

“yep after I asked if he wanted me to give him one or two gift receipts”

Another questioned the legality of her post, to which she responded:

“How is it illegal? I’m bettering society”

In another video, she also explained she wasn’t afraid of getting fired — because she quit right before making the video:

“I actually quit last week and waited for my last shift to expose this cheater”

Reply to @idkusernameundecided always respect company rules and expose pests.

♬ Bad Girls – M.I.A.

As for whether the jerk Jake has been busted, well, no one has come forward claiming to be either woman — which would make sense, frankly. However, as of this writing the video has been viewed over 2.5 million times, so there’s a pretty good chance someone who knows someone involved has seen it, and it’s gotten back to one of those involved.

Did YOU ever witness blatant cheating at your job? Did you keep quiet about it?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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