Jeremy Renner's Chest Collapsed, Torso Crushed by Plow, According to 911 Call

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Jeremy Renner was in really bad shape — with serious injuries to his chest and torso — according to the 911 call placed just minutes after he was crushed by a Snowcat.

We’ve obtained the 911 emergency log which includes notes from the call placed from the scene of Renner’s accident over the weekend. The log states Renner could be heard moaning in the background of the call — and that he was experiencing heavy bleeding from his head and other unknown injuries.

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The log also details the accident itself — stating Renner was “completely crushed” by the Snowcat — and he was having “extreme difficulty” breathing.

Perhaps the scariest piece provided by the log is the fact it states the right side of Renner’s chest collapsed and his upper torso was crushed. He was airlifted to a local hospital from the scene of the accident.

As we reported, local officials say Renner was helping a family member get their car out from heavy snow Sunday with the Snowcat. The actor stepped out of the vehicle to chat with the family member, and the vehicle started to roll. Officials say Renner attempted to get back into the driver’s seat when he was crushed.

Jeremy shared a photo from his hospital bed Tuesday thanking everyone for their support and showing off some gnarly injuries to his face. He did not show the rest of his body.

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