Jennifer Coolidge Pretended to Have a Twin to Date Two Hot Guys in Hawaii

The ‘Legally Blonde’ actress opens up about her crazy dating experience while she was on an exotic getaway in Hawaii as she says, ‘When you’re younger you can just get away with anything.’

AceShowbiz -Actress Jennifer Coolidge once pretended to have an identical twin sister so she could date two male pals she met on holiday at the same time.

The “Legally Blonde” star, who’s famous as a comedy scene-stealer, shows off her dramatic skills in the acclaimed new Carey Mulligan film, “Promising Young Woman“, and she has even put her thespian talents to really creative use on occasion.

She tells “The Kelly Clarkson Show” she once fooled two hot guy friends while she was on vacation in Hawaii, where she’s had “all sorts of crazy experiences” while holidaying on the tropical islands.

Speaking from Kauai, the funnywoman said, “Quite a few years back, I did come to Hawaii and when you come on vacation alone you can kind of create anything you want.”

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“I ended up meeting these two guys that were best friends and I liked them both, so I told them I had an identical twin and I dated both guys. For two weeks.”

The memories still make her smile, but she’s not sure she’d have the “guts” to pull off the romantic ruse these days.

“You know, I don’t know if I’d have the guts to do that now,” she laughed, “but at the time it was sort of a great decision because when you’re younger you can just get away with anything.”

Jennifer Coolidge’s new movie “Promising Young Woman” is among the favorites at this year’s award season. The movie receives multiple Best Picture nominations from the movie critics ahead of the upcoming Academy Awards.

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