Jenelle Evans & David Eason Stand United At 4th Custody Hearing To Win Back Kids

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star and her husband arrived at a Columbus County courthouse on May 24 in the fourth hearing to fight the court to get her kids back.

Jenelle Evans, 27, and David Eason, 30, put on a united front while arriving to court on May 24 for the fourth custody hearing over the former Teen Mom 2 star’s children, according to Us Weekly. The infamous couple appeared solemn as they approached the Columbus County courthouse together to fight for the reality star’s two sons from Jenelle’s previous relationships, Jace, nine, and Kaiser, four, as well as the couple’s two-year-old daughter, Ensley. The North Carolina native hid behind dark sunglasses while making her way into the courthouse alongside her husband of 16 months. Jenelle wore a conservative short-sleeved white blouse with black pants, and David dressed in a dark suit with plaid button-down shirt.

The mom-of-three’s kids were removed from her care shortly after Jenelle revealed the heartbreaking death of her beloved French bulldog Nugget on May 1, which David took accountability for on the same day. Jenelle was also fired from her hit reality show by MTV as a result of the incident and that’s when Child Protective Services (CPS) launched their investigation into her children’s care.

As we reported earlier, Jenelle would have to show the court that she can provide a “safe environment” in order to prove to a court that she can get her kids back. C. Christopher Adkins, a family attorney in North Carolina, where Jenelle and David live, EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife about Jenelle’s current situation and how she could lose custody of her children for good if she decides to stay with her controversial hubby.

“In order to prove to CPS that the children will have a safe environment, they will have to show that there are no guns accessible, I don’t think this is an issue here but there are no drugs left out, they are completing some kind of anger management program,” Adkins explained. “Then that is when CPS feels comfortable to allow the children to return to their home. Additionally, if the fathers to Jenelle’s other kids made reports to CPS, it might be grounds to modify their current custody arrangement. So this could negatively affect her, and have her current custody order modified.”

“It happens a lot in these custody situations that a parent will make allegations about a step parent to get a leg up, but if the allegations are true and if Jenelle stays with David, it is possible that she could lose custody of her kids,” Adkins EXCLUSIVELY told us.  Jace, whose father is Andrew Lewis, is currently staying with Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans, and Kaiser is currently staying with his dad, Nathan Griffith, who has been reported to intend on fighting for custody of his son.

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