James Jordan voices heartbreak on not being able to visit dad after recent hospitalisation

James Jordan, 41, took to Twitter on Sunday night to announce the sad news that his father has been admitted to hospital after suffering another stoke, almost a month after the first one in March. He confirmed the devastating news while expressing his heartbreak at not being able to visit him due to the on-going coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The former Strictly Come Dancing pro took to the social media site to share the news, while encouraging people to stay indoors and help save lives.

“I have a broken heart again as my dad has been rushed back to hospital after suffering another stroke,” he wrote.

“I would love to go & see him & hold his hand but no-one can, or go and hug my mum.

“Yet people think it’s ok to go to parks to sunbathe etc. Stay at home you selfish idiots!!”


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His sister Kelly, replied: “We’ll all be together soon! Our dad is strong.”

His father had only just returned home from his previous hospital visit, with James posting an update to Twitter on March 19, which read: “In a world which is very scary right now we’ve had some personal good news. My dad has finally come out of hospital.

“He’s not quite there yet but I’m sure he will continue to get better. Once again I thank you for all your prayers and messages #StaySafe #LoveToYouAll,” he wrote.

But the latest news of the dancer’s dad saw an influx of messages from fans across the nation sending their love and wishing for a speedy recovery.

One wrote: “I’m so very sorry to hear your dad is unwell again. Thinking of you and your family.”

Another added: “I wish your dad and your family the best. I ask those, especially in London, to follow the rules. Stay home, keep us safe not doing so puts us all at risk. Think. Keep us all safe. Please.”

“I’m so sorry sending positivity. My grandma passed away in the week and all I wanna do is go and give my mum a hug but I can’t then you get people going out sunbathing over the weekend it’s selfish beyond belief!!” a third exclaimed.

“I feel your pain, I’m in exactly the same place, my dad taken in yesterday – I just need to give him a hug,” a fourth said. James replied with a heartbroken emoji to show support for their similar situation.

A fifth sent their love: “That is heartbreaking. No words for it. I hope your Dad recovers quickly and that your mum is holding up ok.”

The new dad, who welcomed his first child with his fellow Strictly pro wife Ola back in February, opened up about having a newborn and an ill father in hospital amid the lockdown, writing: “I would like to think I’m a strong person but I’m going to admit it’s the most stressful time of my life. I’m still thinking of all of you. We must all stay safe AND #BeKind.”

James has been very vocal about adhering to the rules that the government imposed to keep us safe and save the NHS by relieving the pressure.

Last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson closed all pubs, clubs, theatres and other social event areas that would lead to large groups being in close proximity to each other.


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He joined Piers Morgan in slamming people who were still socialising in large groups, branding them “selfish”.

The PM then enforced a lockdown that meant people are only allowed out for food shopping, medical or care needs, daily exercise and to go to and from work where absolutely necessary.

The outspoken critic uses his social media to encourage people to stay home and he’s never been afraid of speaking his mind!

We wish his father a speedy recovery.

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