‘It’s okay to cry’ – Julia Bradbury shares fears of death ahead of mastectomy

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The BBC presenter, 51, confirmed in September she is having a mastectomy this month to remove a 2½in tumour from her left breast. Days before going public she had to break the devastating news to son Zeph, 10, and six-year-old twin daughters Zena and Xanthe. Yesterday she posted a candid Instagram picture of herself looking shattered, showing the devastating physical and mental toll cancer takes.

She wrote: “I want to share this photo, because it doesn’t matter how much support you have, how much love, or even if you have a clear path of treatment…sometimes you just feel overwhelmingly sad.

“[There are 100 million folks around the world with cancer] I cry when I read a kind message sometimes, or if I think about the reality of my mastectomy, or this morning, when I couldn’t hug my children before school, because I’m self isolating.

That’s OK. We’re allowed to be sad. There are some amazing support groups and charities there to help us.” The achingly honest star explained how she fears “death and the unknown”, in an interview this week with Hello! magazine.

Julia, married to property developer Gerard Cunningham, said: “Fear of death is what you think of when you first hear the cancer word. Then it’s fear of the unknown. Then there’s a grieving process, as well, and disbelief.”

Last month she revealed how in July she had a mammogram, physical exam and ultrasound which gave no cause for alarm. But during a second ultrasound medics spotted a “tiny shadow”.

Julia said she is now clinging to “positives” as doctors believe the cancer is confined to her milk ducts and has not spread to the breast tissue – so may not need chemotherapy.

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