Is This Sushmita Sen’s First Love?

Coco Chanel was rarely seen without her signature string of pearls. 

Grace Kelly matched her outfits with a headband.

Michael Jackson will be remembered for his white glove.

And Sushmita Sen — who broke the internet when Lalit Modi revealed they were dating — loves her sunglasses.

She’s got ‘no (marriage) rings’ to show, but her daughters, Renee and Alisah, are always by her side. As are her trusty sunglasses.  


Lalit Modi and Sushmita seem to share a love for sunglasses, among other things.


Sushmita has excellent taste in eyewear and this pair really suits her style.
It’s just the kind of shades you need when you’re on vacation. 

She basks in the sun in Italy, wearing an animal print kaftan and round-rimmed sunglasses.


Her gold-rimmed aviators are perfect for a formal occasion or a fancy yacht trip. 


While shades are needed to protect your eyes from the sun, it’s a great way to draw attention to your face.   


The former beauty queen has been photographed in these chunky sunglasses several times and we can see why. They are sporty, comfortable and very trendy. 


Sushmita seems to be living up to the old adage of ‘seeing the world through rose-tinted lenses’. 


These round sunglasses will take you back to the ’70s. 


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