Is Anna Duggar Pregnant With Baby #6? Watch Video That Has Fans Convinced

Why stop at five? Josh and Anna Duggar might be expecting their sixth kid if this rumored baby bump is the real deal. See the footage that has fans freaking out!

Another day, another Duggar pregnancy? It’s starting to look like it, thanks to this video Josh, 30, and Anna Duggar, 30, posted with a congratulatory message to newlyweds John-David Duggar, 28, and Abbie Burnett, 26. While it was sort of shocking to see Josh at the wedding after the Duggar brother was disgraced from the fam for a porn addiction and infidelity, it was actually his wife’s outfit that stole the show! Anna was wearing a white dress with a colorful floral pattern that appeared to be masking a possible baby bump. Fans were quick to notice, asking, “Did I miss a pregnancy announcement from them?” and, “Is Anna pregnant?”

So what did Anna and Josh have to say to the newlyweds in the video? The former reality stars were so excited for the happy couple, who tied the knot on Nov. 3. “Congratulations Abbie,” Anna said. “We’re excited to have you now as Abby Duggar, and we’re looking forward to making fun memories with you as you join the family living in Arkansas.” Her husband added, “It’s been 10 years since our wedding and we had a lot of fun as a family today. We love watching our kids grow up and we’re looking forward to having John and Abbie right beside us.”

This video wasn’t the first time that Anna has faced pregnancy rumors, though. In fact, when she re-wore an old maternity dress in September, fans recognized the floral fabric and called her out!

She put the rumors to rest with a really relatable comment. “I’m not expecting,” she said. “Only overdue for a diet.” We wonder if she’ll respond this time around, or if she’s got another announcement coming? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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