Indian TV star Dr Priya tragically dies aged 35 while eight months pregnant

Indian TV star Dr Priya, who was eight months pregnant, as tragically passed away at the age of 35

Doctors were able to save her baby, who is now in intensive care, according to her co-star Kishor Satya from the Malayalam television show Karuthamuthu, who first shared the sad news.

Dr Priya was reportedly at hospital for a routine checkup on Tuesday, 31 October when she suddenly suffered a heart attack.

Her co-star Kishor wrote in a translated post: "One more unexpected death in the Malayalam television sector. Dr. Priya died of cardiac arrest yesterday. She was 8 months pregnant. The baby is in ICU. There were no other health issues. Went to hospital for routine checkup yesterday. She suddenly had a cardiac arrest there."

Kishor added: "[Dr Priya's] mother who is crying unable to accept the death of her only daughter. The pain of husband Nanna as a loving partner with Priya without going anywhere for 6 months…

"Last night while going to the hospital, the sight of sadness rained in my mind. What will you say to comfort them…. Why did God show this cruelty to those innocent minds who are believers…."

He also questioned how Dr Priya's family would 'recover from this collapse.' Dr Priya was not only a popular actor but also a doctor in India. She had reportedly taken a break from acting during her pregnancy.

According to local reports, she was employed at the PRS hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. After hearing the tragic news of her passing, fans flooded Kishor's post with messages of condolence.

One user wrote: "Prayers for her parents and husband …the little one during this period . Our Lord strengthen them and make them overcome great loss."

Another shared their own experience, saying: "Very sad incident. I also faced same issue during delivery Cardiac arrest due to PULMONARY EMBOLISM which is rare cases it will occur. Its one out of 50,000 births. Very painful for the family. My condolences," while another simply said: "Heartbreaking."

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