Ian Wright’s football memorabilia up for auction after his £1500 bid was snubbed

A huge haul of Ian Wright ’s footballing memorabilia is being auctioned for $10,000 after the ex England star failed to meet the asking price for his own items.

Trophies, signed photos and shirts belonging to the Arsenal legend were snapped up at auction last year after his first wife Deborah failed to keep up payments on a storage unit in Orlando, Florida.

They were then flogged onto another buyer who is now selling them on eBay.

He said he tried to flog them back to Wrighty but the 54-year-old’s offer for selected items was too low.

The mystery man, from Muskego, Wisconsin, said the ex-striker wanted to buy four prized items.

They were his Golden Boot award, an Arsenal shirt with ‘185’ printed on it to signify the moment he broke the Gunners’ goalscoring record, a framed picture of Paul Gascoigne playing for England during the 1990 World Cup, and a Jimmy Hendrix picture.

Wright offered $2,000 (£1,550) for them all in May, the man said, but was turned down.

The seller, who got his hands on Wrighty’s gear last August, told the Mirror he came across the ‘185’ shirt while looking for football jerseys on US classified ad site Craigslist, and realised there were hundreds of items for sale.

“I flew down to Florida with a buddy to collect the items and drove back in one day,” he said.

“Since then I’ve tried reaching out to Ian several times.”

They first exchanged emails in October and BBC pundit Wright was delighted to be contacted by the seller.

He told him in an email he was “nearly in tears” knowing the items “which mean the world to me” had been found.

The American said last night: “It looked like he had interest at first and at several points but nothing came out of it.

“For all the items he wanted he offered $2,000. The offer is so low, it’s way below what the items are valued at.

“It was so low I found it kinda funny and it wasn’t really worth the effort to pursue.”

Wright was married to Deborah from 1993 until 2004.

She is thought to have rented the lock up in Orlando after their split.

It is not clear whose care it fell into later and why payments were not made, but the gear ended up being auctioned.

Among the 250 items up for sale are photographs of his son, Shaun Wright Phillips, from his Manchester City days.

Other items include: The Adidas Golden Boot Award, the Carling Player of the Month Award, The F.A. Premier League Hall of Fame Trophy, National Football Museum Hall of Fame Trophy, Goal of the Month vs. Swindon Award, Goal of the Month vs. Southampton Award, Arsenal All Time Goalscorer Award Cannon.

A spokesperson for Wright did not comment last night.

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