I went from 120 kg to 75 kg in 4 months!

Garvit Kawatra, 19, tells us how he changed his lifestyle and diet to lose 45 kg in just four months.

I am a 19-year-old student pursuing commerce in Najafgarh, Delhi.

Due to poor eating habits and lifestyle, I had gained a lot of weight.

In November 2019, I weighed 120 kg.

While appearing for my Class 12 board examination, I had to walk about 3-4 km to reach the centre.

I found it very difficult to walk and reach the centre on time. That’s when I realised and said to myself: ‘Ab kuch karna hai‘.

I was inspired by my brother Nikhil to lose weight. He inspired me by showing me the problems I could face in the future due to obesity and unhealthy eating.

In November 2019, I joined my brother at his gym where Sarvesh Dubey and Sandeep Dalal were my trainers. They were packed with knowledge and always gave me full attention guiding me with the right diet as well.

Along with gym, I started swimming too which became my cardio in the morning. Evenings were reserved for weight training.

From Monday to Friday followed a dedicated workout regime targeting only one part of the body; such as Monday-back; Tuesday-bicep-triceps, etc and Saturdays were reserved for abs.

On Sundays, I’d run for 2-3 km in the evening.

The initial days were difficult, but as time progressed, I eased into this routine.

For two weeks, I took up swimming daily, post which I’d go to the gym.

I didn’t skip a single swimming session or gym workout session for a month and started noticing changes in my body consequently.

This motivated me to include running in my daily routine as well and swap my regular meals with a low-carb diet plan.

By March 2020, I could see a lot of changes in my body.

I currently weigh 75 kg.

My diet

Breakfast: One apple or banana with a cup of black coffee

12 noon: One glass carrot juice

Lunch: Oats/brown rice/a bowl of salad/idli sambar/besan chilla and sometimes one chapati with seasonal veggies

Evening snack: 5 almonds + a cup of green tea

Pre-workout: A cup of black coffee

Dinner: Protein shake + 100 gm papaya

What I learned

  • Starving yourself will not help you lose any weight at all.
  • One of the biggest myths surrounding weight loss routines is that you will have to restrict your meals to boring and bland varieties of food in order to shed a couple of pounds — which is not true at all.
  • When tired, rest. Quitting should never be your option!
  • Focus on why you commenced on this journey in the first place and you will be motivated enough to carry on.
  • Comparison is the thief of joy! Do not compare your results with someone else’s. We are all on our own journeys.
  • You can achieve whatever you want provided you find a good trainer.

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