Homes Under The Hammer’s Martel Maxwell suffers health scare during filming ‘Really dizzy’

Martel Maxwell explains fears of carbon monoxide poisoning

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Martel Maxwell, 44, has taken to Instagram after suffering a health scare while on a work trip. The Homes Under The Hammer presenter admitted she was worried she had carbon monoxide poisoning in a candid video, which she shared with her 7,649 followers this afternoon.

Martel explained she became fearful when she suddenly felt “incredibly dizzy” in her hotel room in County Durham.

Her concerns even prompted her to warn the receptionist at the hotel to get the building checked for the poisonous gas.

However, she went on to realise that she was actually suffering from “coffee withdrawal”.

The star told fans: “I am an actual bonafide idiot. I wanted to post this because it’s actually got a bit of a message. 

“So I’m down in County Durham except my filming was cancelled very last minute, so I’ve got a day to myself and I’m thinking, well, rather than go down to breakfast in the hotel, I’ve got no kids, I’m just going to lie there in peace for as long as possible.

“So I laid there a long time after I’d normally be up and then eventually, I got up. 

“I was like, I’m not even going to go down for breakfast, I’m just going to lie here. 

“I got up, and I feel incredibly dizzy, like really, really dizzy – just spatially odd.”


Martel added: “I felt very bizarre, and I’m not someone who’s prone to this, so I thought, this is really odd.

“And when I checked out I even said to the receptionist, not in a complaining way, but I said, ‘look, you might have a problem with your carbon monoxide, you might want to get it checked, because I never feel dizzy and I feel so odd’. 

“And she said, ‘be careful driving,’ and I said, ‘yeah I will be’, I honestly thought I might have to go and see a doctor.

“And then, as I’m pootling along, and I’m going to the Lake District next for filming, and I’m thinking, I’ve not had a coffee today.”

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Explaining her realisation further, Martel revealed: “Now, normally by eight in the morning, and this was getting on for 12 by this stage, I’d have four, at least, strong red capsule Nespresso coffees, and it gets you going.

“It was coffee withdrawal, not carbon monoxide poisoning, but coffee withdrawal.

“At least I think it’s that. I stopped to get myself a Costa coffee. 

“I mean, there could be something very wrong with me, but I think this is going to sort it out. 

“As soon as I figured out it was coffee, it made sense to me.”

Martel went on to admit she had also gotten confused about one of the historic locations she drove past on her journey to the Lake District.

She added: “And the other reason I’m an idiot is, I’m in Barnard Castle and I thought, oh maybe it’s got a spa, this Barnard Castle hotel. 

“It’s not a hotel, it’s a place, I think it’s an historic village.

“So there you go, I’m not going to a spa and I don’t have carbon monoxide poisoning.

“But I am too addicted to coffee, and I’m probably going to have to sort it out!”

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