Hollyoaks star Sophie Porley apologises for social media absence amid ovarian cyst surgery

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Hollyoaks star Sophie Porley, 29, has taken to Instagram to share a health update with her 171,000 followers. The actress revealed that she had an ovarian cyst removed after undergoing some health checks during her egg freezing process.

She uploaded a mirror selfie, which she clarified had nothing to do with her update.

In a lengthy caption, Sophie thanked fans for their concern as she logged off social media for a day.

She also explained that the doctors were not able to collect as many eggs as initially hoped for, due to issues with her hormones.

Sophie penned: “Egg Freezing update (this photo literally has 0 to do with this caption but I don’t have anything more relevant to post).

“Thank you for the lovely messages I got after being MIA for 24 hours, I honestly didn’t think anyone would notice.

“I got my blood tests and scan back- my hormones are still not completely ideal but they have improved so after chatting to the doctor we decided to give it a try this month and hope for the best!

“It may just mean that we don’t collect as many eggs as they would hope to.”

The TV star went on to reveal that she underwent a successful procedure to remove a cyst on her ovary.

However, Sophie admitted that she was scared of injecting herself and that it was something she had not been shown how to do.

Sophie went on: “I also had a cyst on my ovary so they booked me in to have that operated on yesterday. It all went well, I was just pretty sleepy all day from the sedation.

“Something that I didn’t enjoy is injecting myself for the first time. They don’t show you in clinic how to do this.

“You get sent home with everything you need and a YouTube video. I’m not going to lie, I was s******* myself and there were a few tears,” she added.

Sophie candidly admitted that she found the process an “isolating experience” and “overwhelming”.

Now, the actress is set to visit the clinic daily for blood tests.

Sophie signed off her message adding: ”As always, will keep you guys updated.

“Also really happy to answer any questions if I can.”

Fans and friends of the actress soon took to the post’s comments section to send their well-wishes.

The.curated.wardrobe wrote: “You are doing amazing Sophie! Xx”

Aminamahmoodx added: “Hope all goes well. Keep our update as hope get better xxx”

Clairekennedy8890 typed: “You’ve got this darling.”

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