Here’s What the Tiger from Netflix’s Army of the Dead<\/em> Actually Looks Like

Netflix already gave us the details on how Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead made a living horse look gory and decayed, and now the streaming service is sharing how special effects made their zombie tiger look so darn creepy. In a new behind the scenes YouTube video, Netflix looked at Army of the Dead, Love and Monsters, Okja, and others with removed special effects for viewers to get an inside look at movie-making magic.

Watching people in green suits running around takes away a lot of the fear. In under two minutes, Army of the Dead shows green screen transformations, and also some of the research that went into making the realistic looking tiger named Valentine, and then from there, making it zombified.

At times, Valentine was portrayed by a stunt actor in a green suit, and in one up-close and personal shot, a prop head and paw was used for the terrifying feline. The video also gives praise to actor Garret Dillahunt, who had to pull off a fight with the tiger and make it look like a truly harrowing ordeal, when it reality it was much less scary.

To bring the tiger to life, Snyder drew concept art for Valentine. Then, visual effects supervisor Marcus Taormina researched the size and build of an actual tiger to bring to the rest of the team, who then crafted the tiger’s decayed flesh and mangy fur. Yuck.

Valentine is only one part of the film that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Army of the Dead has zombies, a heist, and Dave Bautista gunning down undead Elvis impersonators and Las Vegas showgirls. Whatever your expectations are, they’ll be blown to bits by the end of the film.

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