Here’s how Monalisa added a personal touch to Nazar’s Mohana – read details

Actress Monalisa uses dupattas from her personal wardrobe for some sequences in her TV show “Nazar”.

In the show, Monalisa, who is playing the role of a “daayan” in the StarPlus show, is seen wearing suits paired with some elaborate dupattas.

“I grew up watching my mother wear phulkari and Banarasi dupattas and she would look stunning. Since then I always wanted to don an ethnic look with similar poise and elegance and have my own collection of dupattas,” Monalisa said in a statement.

“When I heard that my character Mohana will be wearing Punjabi suits in the ongoing track, I insisted on pairing some dupattas from my personal wardrobe to match the look,” she added.

The actress says she keeps “adding onto my collection every time I visit a new city and I own 800 dupattas in total now”.

“Playing Mohana is always exciting for me since I can exploit my dupatta collection and add my personal touch to the character,” she added.

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