Heidi Klum Reveals She Totally Snubbed Drake WHen He Asked Her Out — But She Has A Good Reason

Sorry, Drake, but it looks like your timing was a bit off on this one! Heidi Klum just revealed that the rapper asked her out on a date earlier this year…but she completely ignored him. Here’s why!

When Heidi Klum, 45, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview, airing Sept. 11, she gushed all over her new romance with Tom Kaulitz 29, but last time she was on the show — just six months ago — she was happily single. At the time, Ellen tried to find Heidi her dream man through a game of Who’d You Rather?, and the supermodel consistently chose Drake over a slew of other eligible bachelors. Well, it turns out that Drake actually reached out to Heidi after he saw the interview…but she was already seeing Tom by the time he did, so she didn’t pursue it.

However, instead of responding to Drake’s text message and gently turning him down…Heidi decided not to respond at all. “I never texted him back because I found the love of my life!” she explained. “I mean, what do you do?!”  Ellen totally called Heidi out for ghosting Drake, and the America’s Got Talent judge used it as her opportunity to issue an apology. “Drake, I’m sorry I didn’t text you back,” she said to the camera. “You’re cool. I still love your music and I’ll probably come to a concert very soon. I’ll buy a ticket.”

Even though things didn’t work out with Drake, it seems like Ellen was the magic touch in Heidi getting back on the dating train! Heidi explained that she met her new man the night she taped the interview, when she went to a friend’s birthday party that she wasn’t even going to attend. She said she was instantly attracted to Tom, and explained that they connect so well because they’re both German.

Heidi also dispelled rumors that she and Tom have gotten secretly married and/or engaged, but she did hint that that could possibly come in the future. He’s a lucky guy, right?!

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