Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter never seen mum so ‘shaken up’ after crash

Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, is currently in court as retired eye doctor Terry Sanderson sues the Hollywood actress for a 2016 collision that happened on a beginners slope at the Deer Valley resort in Utah.

Her daughter, Apple Martin, 18, who was 11 at the time of the incident, had a transcript of her deposition read out loud to the court yesterday.

While the teenager and her brother Moses, 16, were “ready, willing and able” to testify in person for the civil case, their mother’s lawyer opted for transcripts due to time constraints and scheduling conflicts.

Apple recalled seeing her mother “shaken up” and “frantic” after the incident.

Her statement read: “(My mother) told us what happened… She came in and I noticed she looked a bit shocked, and I asked what happened and she said, ‘This a-hole ran into me, he ran right into my back’.

“She was in a state of shock and she decided after that she was not going to ski for the rest of the day which she never does, she always stays on, but she was in shock and a bit of pain.

“I had never seen her shaken up like that and she was very clearly visibly upset and she had some sort of pain… she was in a little bit of pain and I remember that’s why she went to the spa to get a massage.

“I remember she was very frantic. She was in a state of shock, she was very upset.”

Moses, who was nine at the time of the incident, recalled seeing his mother on the ground for “a while” and hearing her swearing at Mr Sanderson.

His statement read: “I saw my mother and a person behind her who had crashed.

“I was standing around (and) I realised it was my mother – when I skied over I heard my mom yelling at the guy.

“She was saying something along the lines of, ‘What the F-word’. I believe she was on the ground lying down.”

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Mr Sanderson has claimed the incident left him with permanent brain damage and four broken ribs, and is seeking $300,000 (£245,000) in damages.

The Oscar winner has countersued for $1, plus legal fees.

Gwyneth and her two children were skiing with her now-husband, Brad Falchuck, and his two children when the crash occurred.

While the actress previously said she felt “very sorry” for Mr Sanderson, she reiterated that she was not “at fault” for the crash.

The court has seen a short animation which showed the moment of impact as described by Gwyneth.

It showed Mr Sanderson hitting the actress from the back left, with the two sliding together a short distance and collapsing on the right.

Mr Sanderson’s lawyers objected to the inclusion of the animation because it “distorts reality”, but the judge allowed it in for demonstrative purposes.

The trial is expected to continue until the end of the week.

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