Gwyneth Paltrow thinks her butt is ‘not great’

Gwyneth Paltrow can kick some butt, even if she thinks hers isn’t up to par.

In a workout session led by Tracy Anderson as part of Goop‘s first UK summit, Paltrow, 46, spoke candidly about her body.

“After months training with Tracy, I walked past the mirror naked one time and thought: ‘damn, whose butt is that?’ Then I realized it was mine!” she told attendees, according to The Sun.

The 44-year-old fitness guru — and Paltrow’s business partner — is known for whipping stars into shape, including Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Paltrow also confessed that she feels her rear-end is not at peak form.

“But my butt is not great at the moment,” she said. “I was just in Italy and I totally pigged out on pasta.”

Sounds impastable.

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