Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26 April 2019 written update of full episode: Durga’s trap to defeat Guddan in the challenge | Bollywood Life

In the last episode we saw that Guddan reveals that she is not the one Shanti Bua is assuming. Shanti Bua gets very furious with that and challenges Guddan to prove herself as the youngest mother-in-law. Tonight’s episode starts with Durga bursting with anger on Guddan for revealing the fact to Shanti Bua. She also tells Guddan that if she fails to prove Shanti Bua wrong within 48 hours then Shanti Bua will stay in the Jindal house only. But Guddan innocently explains that a mother-in-law should behave nicely with daughter-in-laws as they are also human beings. Dadi tells her that changing Shanti Bua’s thinking at such an old age is not possible. Durga blames Guddan for the future problems because of the Shanti Bua and leaves from there. But still Guddan asks Dadi to trust her as she is determined to prove Shanti Bua wrong. Meanwhile, Durga teams up with Shanti Bua as she wants to take revenge from Guddan. She keeps on fuelling Shanti Bua against Guddan. But Shanti Bua doesn’t immediately react on that. In fact, she asks Durga to give relief to her legs. Finally she agrees to team up with Durga and teach Guddan a lesson. Durga gets happy with that.

On the other hand, Guddan (Kanika Mann) pacifies Lakshmi and Dadi to support her against Shanti Bua. So Guddan gets boosted to make Shanti Bua understand about the respect of daughter-in-laws. Meanwhile, Akshat gets tensed to know that next day he will have to shut his restarunt due to soem strike in Indore. Guddan feels that it is not a big issue but Dadi tells her that every year Akshat makes Aam ras for 500 kids in the restaurant but it will not be possible because of that. Guddan asks Akshat not to worry as she can help him in making Aam Ras with the help of her daughter-in-laws. By that time Shanti Bua comes there along with Durga. She grabs the opportunity to challenge Guddan for making Aam Ras with Lakshmi for 250 kids and Durga to team up with Shanti Bua. Guddan is shattered to see Durga in Shanti Bua’s team. Guddan asks Shanti Bua not to bring the disagreements between them in such a good deed. Shanti Dua keeps on teasing Guddan for not ready for the challenge. But Akshat also agrees for the challenge saying that Guddan can prove her point with such a good deed.

Later on, Guddan gets upset with Akshat. They start fighting on the topic of having a pillow. But they end up tearing the pillow. They slip a bit and fall on the bed. Guddan questions him for agreeing with Shanti Bua for the challenge. Akshat makes her understand that he trusts her and believes that she will win the challenge and prove her point. Guddan apologizes to him as she misunderstood him. She assures him that she will make Aam Ras for 500 kids by next day. On the next day, Guddan tells Lakshmi that they need to work hard to complete the challenge. Lakshmi assures her and goes to keep the Mango carts inside. By that time Revati enters the Jindal house with a cake and asks Guddan to distribute it to the kids along with Aam Ras. Guddan agrees for the same. While Revati goes into the kitchen to keep the cake, Angad arrives there. He likes the smell of the cake so tastes a bit. Revati notices him. She shouts at him. Angad gets scared and by mistake the cake gets messed up by him Revati gets furious with him.

After a while, the competition of making Aam Ras between Guddan and Shanti Bua’s team starts. Shanti Bua instructs Lakshmi and Durga about the process they will follow for making Aam Ras. Durga and Lakshmi start with the peeling of Mangos. Shanti Bua scolds Durga and asks her to hurry for making Aam Ras. But Guddan makes Lakshmi calm. She asks Lakshmi not to be tensed but do it coolly. Durga is happy as she has poured oil on the mangoes that Guddan has. Stay tuned to Bollywoodlife for more scoops and updates.

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