Grimes: Elon Musk doesn’t hate trans people, he just ‘hates woke culture’

Maybe I’m not “smart” enough to “get” Grimes, but I honestly believe that she’s just one of those people who memorizes random cool/tech phrases and just repeats them in interviews to sound smart. She’s not a moron (Elon Musk is though) but she’s also not as smart as she thinks she is. Grimes covers the latest issue of Wired and the interview is ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as that Vanity Fair cover story, but still mind-numbingly idiotic. In the first half of the interview, she talks about music and how she’s pro-AI, and then the second half of the piece is about her personal life, her two children (X and Y) with Elon Musk, and what she learned from being with Musk. Some highlights:

What she learned from Elon Musk: “I’ve got NDAs. It’s hard to talk about things very explicitly without saying things about other people’s lives who are very private….I learned from him, like, the best internship ever. People don’t like talking about Elon, but it was incredible to be right there watching all that SpaceX stuff happen. That’s a master class in leadership and engineering and makes you understand how rare it is to have a leader of that quality.

Musk holds people to high standards: “I know, the stuff on Twitter doesn’t make it look like that. He didn’t build the culture there. And the cultural fit has obviously been very intense. He holds his people to really high standards. Watching him, I understand how difficult it is to be a great general and do something of that magnitude. Elon has an old-world kind of discipline I really respect. And I think it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. They don’t want to be in that hardcore zone. If you’re not consenting to being in that hardcore zone, I get it. But he’s challenged me a lot. I learned a lot about running my own team and my own life. I’m now way tougher and smarter than I used to be.

What Elon learned from her: “Maybe to have more fun. I try to soften him up, to build family culture. And he steals a lot of my memes.

Whether she worries about her kids’ privilege, being the children of the richest man in the world: “A little bit. I think their life is gonna be pretty intense. Being Elon’s kid is not the same as being anyone’s kid. In my house, at least, I want it to be more of a crazy warehouse situation and a cool art space.

Whether she was disturbed by Elon’s tweets: “I don’t want to talk about this too much. But take the trans thing. After that, we had a big, long conversation. I was like, “I want to dissect why you’re so stressed about this.” Getting to the heart of what Elon says helps me get to the heart of what other people’s issues are, because it’s this über guy situation. And it came down to pretty much every way that you transition can cause fertility issues. I was like, OK, you don’t hate trans people, you hate woke culture. I get that it can be annoying, and you have concerns about the fertility thing. So let’s figure it out, because there’s a lot of fertility tech that could be innovated that would help trans people have kids, which would be great and would solve a lot of problems. He’s just on Twitter, and he’s unhappy with woke people, and the arguments happened.

Whether or not she’s woke: “Probably not. I don’t know what the term means. I think we need to change the discourse. The more people you can convince that this dichotomy is silly, and an out-of-date fight, the better. The root cause of this is people not resolving mental health stuff the right way. And not educating people on screen time where they get hooked on dopamine spikes.

[From Wired]

I’m sorry??? “And it came down to pretty much every way that you transition can cause fertility issues. I was like, OK, you don’t hate trans people, you hate woke culture.” So Elon Musk joined the trans-bashing MAGA cult because he believes (and Grimes believes) that it’s all about “fertility,” and fertility issues in general or specific to transitioning are a “woke culture” issue. My head is spinning with the hurricane of fallacies here. First off: Elon’s need to make everything about procreation is really unsettling. Give a guy an emerald mine and suddenly he’s talking about how it’s every billionaire’s duty to populate the earth and dictate transgender people’s fertility levels. And “I don’t know what the term means”… lmao.

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