Great British Bake Off’s Maggie speaks out after brutal feedback from Paul Hollywood

GBBO: Jairzeno swears after messing up

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Maggie, 70, revealed to fans how she was feeling after last night’s criticism. The baker was told by Paul Hollywood that she could have “tried harder”.

Roll on week 3 soo glad still to be in the tent!


In an Instagram post to her 2,497 followers, Maggie told her fans how happy she was to make it to next week.

She said: “And that was week 2 …my school report from the #GBBO judges read ‘Could try harder’.

“A gingerbread surfboard being pulled on a string was clearly not enough to impress.”

She added: “On the positive least the gingerbread houses didn’t collapse too!

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“Roll on week 3 soo glad still to be in the tent!”

Since the new series began, Maggie has been a fan favourite, with some fans commenting on her resemblance to judge Prue Leigh.

However, the topic on most fans’ minds last night were Paul Hollywood’s comments to Mary.

The 55-year-old baking judge told Maggie she “could do better” after assessing her showstopper.

It was biscuit week in the tent and contestants were tasked with making brandy snaps, homemade Jammie Dodgers and a showstopper that tested their skills.

They were asked to build a 3D biscuit replica of their favourite childhood toy.

While others constructed biscuit horses, Maggie opted for a beach playset.

Paul did not like it, and said: “For me, it’s a bit basic.”

“If you were looking at a traditional school report, it would say ‘needs to try harder’.”

His harsh criticism led Maggie to shed a tear outside of the tent.

She said: “It’s really quite silly really.

“When I’ve watched people cry before on Bake Off I’ve felt, ‘for goodness sake, it’s only cake’.

“And suddenly, it’s all changed.”

On Twitter, nanosizerainbow said: “I’m all for constructive criticism where it will be helpful and given in good humour but sometimes some comments are just unnecessary (I’m looking at you Paul…) #Maggie #GBBO.”

At the end of the episode, Maggie was saved and Jairenzo went home.

Baking fans would have been happy to see Maggie’s update as the retired midwife looks to carry on into week three.

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