‘Game Of Clones’: Kam Reveals The Traits She Was Looking For In Her Dream Man On MTV Dating Show

Ahead of Kam Williams’ upcoming ‘Game of Clones’ episode, she revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY why she wanted to search for love on the new MTV show and revealed what exactly she was looking for in a man!

The Challenge star, Kam Williams, is heading to a brand new MTV show — Game of Clones! The series aims to help MTV stars find love by introducing them to seven people who look JUST like their celebrity crush. The stars get the chance to get to know all the suitors beyond their looks, then narrow their group down to just one person. “When I heard I would have the opportunity to date seven guys who all WANT to date me, I was like — what!? Sign me up!” Kam, whose guys are all clones of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I was so excited. I always encourage women to have a rotation while dating — make sure you have your options, and as you start liking them, narrow them down. I feel like this show is a great way to show the world a day in the life of Kam dating!”

Aside from guys who looked like The Rock, Kam also had some other important traits in mind for her dream man. “I wanted to see which guys were funny,” she explained. “I love to laugh. I have a great sense of humor, so I had to be able to joke around. A lot of people describe me as an alpha female and sometimes guys think I’m a little intimidating, so I need someone who’s not scared of a challenge. I don’t want someone who’s going to back down. I also want someone to pull my chair out before I sit down! Some people say that’s dead, but I still have hope.”

In fact, she admitted that looks were actually the least important aspect for her. “In my regular dating life, I always look past looks,” Kam revealed. “I go for personality. Not to sound cheesy, but it is what’s on the inside, and that’s always something I see first. I like starting out as friends, then getting to know somebody and naturally catching feeling.”

Kam previously dated her Challenge co-star, Leroy Garrett, but they ended things before filming The Challenge: War of the Worlds. However, the show’s March 13 episode, Kam got romantically involved with Theo Campbell, from Love Island UK, which made Leroy pretty jealous. Leroy was eliminated at the end of the episode, but it doesn’t seem like that will spell the end of drama for Kam this season. “You’ll be introduced to crazy Kam this season,” she told us. “That’s what happens when my heart is involved. I’m tired of getting my heart broken and going through all that.”

Game of Clones airs on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.

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