Friends star Matthew Perry wanted to make superhero project before his tragic death

Friends star Matthew Perry who tragically died last month had a dream to create a superhero project called Mattman, inspired by his own life.

While working on the film Don't Look Up, Adam McKay shared with the Hollywood Reporter that Matthew's idea was about a famous guy named Matt who uses an unexpected inheritance of $2 billion to become a superhero.

He said: "It's about this guy. You'd recognise him. His name is Matt and he's very famous and about 50 years old. His life is a little bit of a mess. He's lost. Out of the blue a distant relative dies and leaves him $2 billion – and he uses [it] to become a superhero."

Adam and Matthew had a chat about him taking the lead role in the new project. The idea was mostly based on Matthew's own past including his battles with addiction and mental health.

Adam shared the plan, saying: "My idea was just to do a show about being this incredibly popular, well-known TV guy who's dealing with addiction… a fictional version of what you've struggled with…

"The idea that everywhere you go, people yell your catchphrases a little bit of your past, the addiction, what it's like, because everyone views you through this lens of this cheery, bright, multicoloured show."

Adam thought the show would be funny but also have a big 'impact on people's lives'. He really believed in the chance and success of the show as people talk more openly about mental health than ever before. Adam said he didn't think the show would have been possible if that weren't true.

He explained: "The world has changed. You could actually do that show now. Ten years ago, people would have said you're crazy. But now people can be more upfront about their mental health issues, their addiction issues, and it's kind of wonderful."

Matthew was battling drug addiction, but he seemed to be improving and had become healthier before his tragic death. He was found lifeless in a hot tub on 28 October, with no drugs found at the scene and no suspicion of foul play.

His official cause of death is still a mystery, and NME reported that his post-mortem examination didn't provide clear answers, but a toxicology report confirmed it wasn't due to meth or fentanyl.

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