Flavor Flav Acknowledges Ex-Manager’s 3-Year-Old Son Is His After Paternity Test

The Public Enemy member previously wasn’t sure the child was his son, but after DNA test confirmed it, child support and a custody arrangement have been established.

AceShowbizFlavor Flav has an eighth child at age 63. The rapper has reportedly acknowledged that he is the father of a 3-year-old son named Jordan, whom he shares with his ex-manager Kate Gammell.

While neither Flavor nor Kate has publicly addressed it, Kate’s parents have spoken to TMZ and confirmed that their daughter used to be Flavor’s manager and did have a romantic relationship with the Public Enemy member for a few years. When Kate got pregnant, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee was initially not sure that the baby was his.

However, after Flavor, born William Jonathan Drayton Jr., submitted DNA, the paternity test confirmed that he is the father of the boy. Since then, child support and a custody arrangement have been established. The boy will also bear the star’s last name. They’ve already filed legal documents to make it official and a hearing is scheduled for later this year.

The news isn’t entirely new, though. Back in 2019, it was first reported that the Roosevelt native had an eighth child with Kate, who no longer works for him. At the time, it was said that Kate was seeking a decision from the court to order Flavor, who previously denied he has a child with Kate, to begin making child support payments.

Flavor has seven other children from previous relationships. In a 2019 episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York“, his daughter Dazyna Drayton confronted him for being a deadbeat dad, making him cry when she revealed that she was homeless.

“I know I’m all over the place, but I’m still that phone call away,” Flavor said, before Dazyna went on to explain that whenever she called him, he didn’t answer. In addition to that, she told him she would like two-way communication.

“Growing up was hard,” she further divulged. “It was very hard. It was not fun half the time. I had to deal with bullies and fighting. I had bumps and bruises. You not being there and stuff…it was a lot.”

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