FAT to FIT: How I Lost 32 Kg In A Year

Swati Sodhi tell us how she lost 32 kg in a year with quantified nutrition and a consistent workout plan.

I am a regular homemaker based in Delhi.

After two kids, I’d found it difficult to balance life.

I used to weigh 92 kg in 2013.

I’d feel breathless and out of energy while running after kids. I could barely play with them or wear clothes of my liking.

So I made up my mind and googled how to lose weight.

I followed some strategies and quickly lost some weight. But through unhealthy means. I was eating less and I felt something wasn’t right.

In 2014, I enrolled for certificate programmes in diet and nutrition.

I’d finish my assignments till late night after putting my kids to sleep.

While I became a certified fitness and diet coach, I also rectified my lifestyle, followed a quantified diet and worked out religiously.

By the end of 2016, I’d lost over 30 kg.

Since then, I have been able to maintain my weight.

I currently weigh 60 kg.

In the last 7 years, I have also successfully coached over 2,500 clients around the world guiding them about the right way to eat and work out.

My diet

Breakfast: Bread + eggs + cheese slice
Lunch: Ghee rice + paneer /soya/chicken + green veggies
Dinner: Chicken with rice/ pasta/roti and veggies
Pre-workout meal: Black coffee/ creatine
Post-workout meal: 30 gm whey protein


For fat loss, initially I followed a structured resistance plan.

Since my first phase of fat loss is long over, my aim is to gain some lean muscle mass.

I lift weights 5-6 days a week. I rarely do cardio.

I am currently eating approximately 2,000 calories per day and lifting regularly.

Lessons learned

A good diet wouldn’t deprive you of carbs.

Once you learn to about quantified nutrition, you will need to simply follow portion sizes. This has helped me stay consistent.

Fitness is a 365-day job; not a 12-week programme.

Even after losing weight, I am still conscious of what I eat and am regular with my workout.

The thing is life isn’t going to stop. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc are a part of life.

If you can’t manage your fitness and diet then you are doing something wrong.

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